Friday, May 09, 2008

Dangerous: The Short Films

Michael Jackson would go on to release Dangerous-The Short Films in 1993

 As Moonwalker represented the "Bad Era", Michael Jackson releases "Dangerous: The Short Films" to represent The Dangerous Era!

 From the heated controversy of Black or White to those erotic dance moves which should be left "In the Closet", all his videos are neatly tucked in here with extras filling in the gaps(yet by no means fillers). These include behind the scenes footage, media frenzy, The Super Bowl XXVII Halftime, NAACP Image Awards, and a Pepsi ad at the end. This film eventually got nominated 2X platinum.

 However, I did not like "Braze Yourself" very much. I thought they made him out to be an idol which we all know Michael wouldn't dare claim. Everything else is superb except "In the Closet". Which is anywhere from PG-13 to rated-R.

Below are some clips.

Brace Yourself

I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. It could be Michael wants us to visualize being him for a day. Not just the joys but through the sorrows. Being famous ain't what it's all out to be. Watch it Here.

 Take a trip down memory lane with Michael Jackson and meditate on his childhood. While he sings "I'll Be There" on keys. Pretty soon you'll find little Mike dueting with his adult persona. Watch it Here.

 Now here's The NAACP Awards!

Black Or White

Heal The World Superbowl Version

Remember The Time

Will You Be There

In The Closet

Gone Too Soon


Heal The World

Give Into Me

Who Is It

I'll Be There Pepsi Ad

 We'll take a more in depth look at Michael Jackson's '93 Superbowl Appearance. Please stand by.;)

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