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Biggest-Selling Single of All Time

Harry Belafonte had a startling idea One night. The concept sprung into coordinating an all-black sing along chorus. Loving the idea, his manager suggested an American counterpart to Britain's USA For Africa-"Band-Aid"(Do They Know It's Christmas). A fund raising single on the same theme.

Problem was, no song had been thought up. Not until contacting Legendary Producer Quincy Jones. Who's known and worked with Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie. Both were talented song writers in their own rights. Michael brought up the first stanzas and the chorus. Richie filled in the gaps. What materialized will always be "something Beautiful".

Ken Kragen decided to make this an inter-racial event. Inviting 55 artists to support America's version of "USA For Africa". Including The Jackson brothers(excluding Jermaine) and Latoya. But only 38 showed up.

Some were bed-ridden. Others busy on their own projects. Prince feared the presence of so many riva…

Michael Jackson's Pepsi Commercials-Thriller Era

In 1984, Michael got it together with his brothers to do a Pepsi shoot. As was typical for a man of his repertoire, there was no consensus concerning what Thriller Outtake to premier. Until it dawned upon the dream team to give "Billie Jean" a whole new makeover.

Mini Jackson Pepsi Shot
Starring a kid named Alfonso. Gulping down a Pepsi. Supposedly arousing the mood to street dance. Like most boys attempted to do in the 80's, he does the Michael Jackson Moonwalk-Gliding smoothly across the pavement. Until he bumps into the real thing!

Michael smiles. Inviting him and the rest of the gang to dance the dance of a lifetime. Moving inline with The Gloved One and his brothers. Together they become one with the dance as Michael sings..."Your a whole new generation cause you feel the Pepsi way. Gotta grab a little magic while your on the run". and "Pepsi: the choice of a new generation".

To conclude the moment, Mr.Jackson waves good-bye to his new-found frie…

Michael Jackson Unauthorized Interview

In 1983, right after the sensation Thriller brought. Michael participated in a very rare interview. Sharing where he gets his inspiration to write music. Revealing what life means to this 25 year old.

He gave us the honor of inviting Latoya to sit down and share her feelings on working with Paul McCartney on the promo shoot for his single Say Say Say. Connected to his "Pipes of Peace album. She emphatically exclaimed, "It was like magic"! Just being in the same room with one of the Beatles was a dream come true."

I don't want to spoil the whole show for you. So here's the rest.

In case your wondering, here is Part 3 and Part 3.

Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin'(Duet With Michael Jackson)

Two years after the release of Thriller, Michael Jackson's elder brother Jermaine invited him over to record a duet together. What came forth was a catchy little tune from the early 80's. "Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin'-Alternately named "Too Good To Be True". Reaching #1 on the American Dance Charts.

Anything with Michael's voice inserted within literally became a success overnight. Of course, Jermaine didn't use him solely for profit. After all, what are brothers for?

Song lyrics | Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin' lyrics

Victory Tour

Two days right after Independence Day, of '84. The boys were ready to strike the U.S. and Canada with a 55-gig tour! For the first time, all 6 brothers could be scene on the same stage! Something fans Both old and new just had to watch. From the Arrowhead Arena to the Dodger Stadium, they were rollin' across the continent from July 6th till December 9th-Just 16 days before Christmas.

 Yet not all was happy-go-lucky. Many fans were disappointed(even disowning Michael) over the rigid complications of getting a ticket(fans had to buy a four-pack bundle and pay only by postage). Michael Jackson was against this whole ordeal. Only to get outvoted 6 to 1 by his father and brothers. A girl even sent a letter(from the Lone Star State) accusing him of avarice. That's when everyone started listening to Jackson. But not before the orders came in by the dozens. A lot of people who feared losing their hard-earned cash eventually got a refund for unused tickets.

 But whatever anger still…

Michael Jackson Victory

In 1984, Michael reluctantly joined his brothers for one more album-"Victory"...Doing a corresponding tour that year. Further spreading Thriller's prestige legacy.

 For reasons unbeknown The Jacksons had a real hard time working together. Especially with their father leaning over their shoulder. So as a result, many tracks never got to see the light of day. The ones that did wound up becoming solos from each brother.

Victory Album Review
 If it wasn't for Michael Jackson's now super status, I don't know if "Victory would've had a chance. As it appears now, only two cuts jump out as extraordinary!

 The chemistry between Mick Jagger and Michael Jackson arrests you in a Hard Rock trance! As was the thing in the 80's, the song spits out a lot of spoofs from the 60's.

 "Torture" has more of a New Wave beat. Both Michael and Jermaine share the mic on this plastic release. Rest of the record lacks the jelly and originality.

 Tracks like "…

State Of Shock

The most famous single to come off the racks of "Victory", "State of Shock" reached #3 on the Billboards earning a prestigious gold certification. Freddie Mercury are initially the one to duet with Michael Jackson. Yet Mick Jagger(from The Rolling Stones) was believed to be more suitable.

The Single

State of Shock
Be Not Always

Here's the extended version for all of you to enjoy...

State Of Shock

Thriller Outtakes

Just like with Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and The Beatles Michael Jackson is known to have a vault full of unreleased tracks within his repository. Possibly over 100 recordings per album! But today, I'm just going to reveal about a dozen(or so) outtakes from Mr. Jackson's Thriller Album. I hope you enjoy!

 Written by Mr. & Mrs. Berman. With Rod Temperton. Carousel was supposed to be the next thing you'd hear after Jackson faded in the background with Billie Jean. But was rejected on account of not fitting in with the albums goal. You can listen to it right here!

Someone in the Dark
 Co-written by Oscar-nominated musician Michael Sombello and Freeman. This is taken from the E.T. Storybook. Similar to "Carousel's" plight, "Someone In The Dark" didn't quite catch the essence of where "Thriller" was going. The song itself was great!

 It's heart-wrenching Ballad soothing tapestry all the more makes me wonder why Spielberg n…

The Hurt

A Funky up-beat track from the album "Victory" with Michael and Randy Jackson sharing the lead. The song was written by Michael Jackson in conjunction with the band Toto.

Both Michael and Randy are the only known brothers out of the Jacksons with the ability to sing Falsetto. Listen to it below...

- Jackson 5 Lyrics

Lady In My Life

Today we come to Thriller's resolution. A soothing Soulful Ballad about when a man loves a woman. Written by Temperton. But given free rein by Michael's ingenious vocal chords.

For years, it was my least favorite track. But after listening to it closely one night while in bed. I was mesmerized! It just grew on me! Seems all his songs do that to you one way or another(wink).

"Someone in the Dark" could of taken it's spot. Yet according to Rod Temperton, "The album wasn't quite heading in that particular direction". So "Lady in my Life" it was. Come to think of it. This does give the finishing touches on the greatest album of all-time! Listen below...

Next: Thriller Album Outtakes!

P.Y.T.(Pretty Young Thing)

It's time to hit the dance floor once more and groove with the PYT's(at least the ones in the song anyway). Within the high-strung keys and uptempo percussion, Jackson proves he has a way with women not like other guys(wink). After this hit R7B would never be the same again!

Co-written by Greg Phillingenes(famous Keyboard Secessionist) and Michael himself. reaching top ten on the U.S. Billboards 100(becoming the sixth one to do so off the Thriller Album).

There is a slower demo which Quincy loved. But wanted something more peppy and uptempo. So it was back into the session room. After much dissecting and rearranging, James Ingram, Quincy Jones, and Michael Jackson finally gave it a shot of Soulful endorphins and R&B adrenaline. Janet and Latoya along with two other girls became the renown PYTs.

The early version never saw the light of day. Until 2004 when it was included on the setlist of The Michael Jackson Ultimate Collection Box Set. Containing never before released…

Human Nature

Right after getting blamed by Billie Jean(a symbol of promiscuous women), we are entranced by a calmer balled mingled with Mr. Jackson's soft and cozy yearnings and quivers. With a sense of longing within his vocals to get and away from it all(perhaps that would explain the disguises).

"Human Nature" is written by Steve Porcaro, a member of a 70's Rock group Todo. And John Bettis, once a member of Spectrum(another band from the 70's).

Human Nature Single
At this point, both Michael and Quincy were mind-boggled on what goes on number 7. Don't get me wrong. All of Jackson's recordings were superb. Which is exactly my point! So Quincy narrowed it down to numbers submitted by Steve Porcaro. Now they were down to two potential tracks(in addition to "Carousel" and "For All Time"). Neither of which was going in the right direction. But it wasn't until the third snippet Steve forgot to leave out.

A rough sketch of "Why...Why....Da Da…

Billie Jean

Whatever doubts may have crossed our minds on Thriller's Debut quickly vaporized when the official album was launched! Just one month later, "Billie Jean" rang in the new year on a roll!

 "Billie Jean" was very close to not making it to the final selection. It has been said Quincy wasn't moved by the demo(which you can listen to Right Here). But just a little mixing by Bruce Sweden would force him to think twice. Both Michael and Bruce drafted 91 takes on the track. Of which #2 was favored due to it's strong beat and high Funk flavor. Mr. Jackson's Home Demo was believed to be the very first mix. As of today, there are 88 unleaked demos lucked-up into Jackson's repository.
The Single With a distinctly furnished drumline and deeply Funked baseline, it's no wonder "Billy Jean" has hung onto those charts for 9 months! If it wasn't those infectious vocals, repetitive bassline, nor that snarly hi-hated drumbeat, then you'll hav…

Beat It

Thriller knocked us off our socks. "Beat It" gives a whole new vibe to Michael Jackson music! For the first time, R&B and Rock are fused together as one! All thanks in part by Eddie Van Helen's slick and pompous guitar solo.

 Thoroughly impressed by his performance of "Eruption", Executive Producer Quincy Jones quickly called for Eddie to audition a similar piece. At first he thought it were a joke but was assured Mr. Quincy was serious.

 Very much like what John Landis went through with his contemporaries, many thought Eddie Van Helen was madly insane to support some black artist. Yet he eagerly struck the iron while it was hot. "I was a complete fool, according to the rest of the band(Van Helen), our manager and everyone else. I was not used. I knew what I was doing - I don't do something unless I want to do it."

 Indeed, it paid off well. Not so much the dough as his reputation(Eddie volunteered to do the solo). "Beat It" wou…


Now, for the record climax. The cream-filler of the album. May I give you a ghoulish ear to "Thriller"! Surely telling Disco to change direction or "Beat It". A whole new era of Pop had just arrived in the neighborhood.

 Believe it or not, "Thriller" was not meant to bring zombies boogieing down Hollywood Blvd-Initially. You see, Rod Temperton wrote a song called "Starlight". But Michael wanted more of a creepy overtone and changed a lot of the words to fit his vision. Due to it's merchandising potential, Rob then suggested the title be changed to "Thriller"!

 Every kid in the block was wearing that red vest! Whenever Halloween arrived, this song was sure to be jammin' on all airways and around every ghouling party you could find! Even WCW would play the exposition, as the host would ring in the champs for the evening.

 Obviously none had any idea where Michael Jackson was headed past Off The Wall. Never was it thought we&#…

The Girl is Mine

Right after the sparkling squeaky-clean groove on "Baby Be Mine", we now get treated by a former Beatle in the mix. McCartney and Mike fight over an elusive girl of their dreams. In a silly playfully wonderful balled-"The Girl Is Mine".

 Just one year prier saw them dueting on such tracks as "Say Say Say" and "The Man". All from Mecca's album "Pipes of Peace".

 The inspiration came came subtly through the medium of Saturday morning cartoons. Where Paul and Michael ritually hung out and horse played at each others crib. But the real drive didn't arrive until Jackson was sound asleep. Suddenly, a knack of creativity left him grabbing his tape-recorder in the middle of the night! What emanated from Mr. Jackson's mind, evolved into a number of demos including one right Here. Click Here to listen to a rare studio rehearsal.

The Single Reaching #2 on the Billboard top 100 and #1 for the R&B Singles Charts! As a debut of &…

Baby Be Mine

We now come across four steps of smooth jazzy soul.Invigorated by the voice of Michael Jackson.Pouring his all upon the Rod Temperton written piece. After chanting "mama se mama sa-ma-makoosa", we calm it down a little while grooving with our P.Y.T.'s.

"Baby Be Mine' and The Lady In My Life are the only tracks within "Thriller" to not have a single attached to their names.

If you'll listen closely, the intro sounds more like it's been recycled from his second #1 LP off of "Off The Wall", "Rock With You. The similarities are subtle, but you'll notice them after a few consecutive plays.

Anyways enjoy this much overlooked track off of Thriller!

Song lyrics | Baby Be Mine lyrics

Next: The Girl Is Mine! In the meantime, check out the demo to "Baby Be Mine"!

Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

Michael Jackson starts us off on a buoyant exposition on a girl later revealed as none other then Billie Jean. Whom he feels sorry on having to play the whore. At first glance, it seems Jackson has a little compassion. But later rebukes her for having a baby she don't want.

 Coming to the songs conclusion, Mr. Jackson ops to teach us a thing or two about self-worth by chanting "Mama-se mama-sa ma-makossa". A mysterious phrase arising from a Cameroonian tongue(Duala) that's believed to have something to do on dancing with a positive affirmation attached(Makossa="I dance"). Michael borrowed this phrase from Manu Dibango's 1972 hit "Soul Makossa". Believed to be the first wave of Disco.

 Regardless of your feelings on his final bridge, you will already feel the interwoven drum-piece(innovative for it's time) as a step forward from Jackson's lili-white bubblegum image from Off The Wall.

 From Damon Wayans' "Speaking in Tongue…

Michael Jackson-Serious Effect

Here is a precious outtake from the "Dangerous Sessions". It was going to make disc two for the bonus special edition around 2001. But abruptly canceled. A year later, Michael leaked it online.

Around the turn of the 90's, there was talk going on of LL Cool Jay submitting a few tracks and possibly dueting on a new album(which turned out to be "Dangerous"). Well, it turned out he did a rapping segment upon the songs climax. Which you can listen to below...

Michael Jackson Serious Effect

Serious Effect

Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones

They had just wrapped-up the making of "The Wiz". Young Michael(then only 20) approached Legendary Producer Quincy Jones on where to go on creating his first adult solo("Off The Wall"). Quincy gladly offered to direct the project.

Both jointly produced three studio albums together-Namely "Off The Wall", "thriller", and "Bad". Q also co-produced "We Are The World"-A charity single benefiting the noble cause of feeding the hungry during a brutal famine in Ethiopia. So far, only Elton John's "A Candle In The Wind"(Tribute To Princess Diana) single has ever surpassed "We Are The World" in 1997.

Right after the release of "Bad", Michael Jackson and Mr. Jones parted ways. Michael teamed up with New Jack Swing producer Teddy Riley for his next studio album("Dangerous"). While mister Q went on to co-produce "The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire(starring Will Smith). There was a brief moment i…

1984 Grammys

On February 28th 1984, the world had already witnessed the glide-defying Moonwalk and the revival of the monster mash. But that night would see even more records shattered. Michael Jackson would go on to win 8 Grammys in one night! A record only met by the likes of Carlos Santana at the turn of the Millennium.

To this day, one one has surpassed the 8-in-one-night target praxis. Could it ever happen? Due to the state of the music industry, I highly doubt it. But you never know.

Michael Jackson-Thriller Era

After 8 long months of blood, sweat, and tears, it was finally ready for launch. On November 30th, 1982, "Thriller" would hit the shelves. It was said that he repeatedly asked Epic to delay the release because he firmly believed you could not rush a piece of art! Believe it or not, the demos were disastrous according to Quincy. Wherever the album was headed was no good unless a revision took place. Despite Epics demand on a set-timeline, Michael Jackson threw his foot down and kept right on tweaking this gem unto perfection. Until he felt it was ready for the masses. No longer are we talking about a bubble gum star. But a super icon in the making!

 My dad told me the whole story. One night, they announced Michael Jackson was to fill in for somebody. After hearing "Off the Wall", he thought "ai, what the heck".

 The next moment, he took everyone's breath away! Dad along with millions of others world-wide literally dropped out of their seats to take a…

Just Friends

Not to be confused with the The Bad Album track-"Just Good Friends". "Just Friends" is a duet between Carol Bayer Sager featuring Michael Jackson. Which can be found on her 1981 album "Sometimes Late At Night".

The songs about two long-time friends(of the opposite sex) who unsuccessfully manage to take their relationship to the next level. Only to contemplate how much better it was just to leave it at that former level.


Also check out...

The Jacksons(Album)Goin' PlacesDestiny

 Right after the release of "Off the Wall", Michael Jackson is back in the studios with his brothers. This time bringing fourth "Triumph"-Their crowning achievement.

Triumph Album Review
 Triumph blows the lid off The Billboard 200! Never had they had a #1 album since Maybe Tomorrow-And it's no wonder.

 "Can You Feel It" is a powerful ecstatic anthem that transcends time and race! "Walk Right Now" has a similar vibe with an added resounding bite(walk right now). "Lovely One has a regurgitated(though outstanding) sound from "Don't Stop Til' You Get Enough". "This Place Hotel" has a creepy and mysterious tinge.

 The Ballads "Time Waits For No One" and Give It Up" are more positive pick-me-up kind of tunes(especially the former-whew). Every other track is edible and appetizing.

 So to make a long story short, "Triumph" is jam-packed…

Can You Feel It

As a precursor to "Triumph", "The Jacksons" would release their most crowning achievement. "Can You Feel It" was written and produced by Michael Jackson while Jackie helped him with the lyrics. A further taste on what would become of Michael Jackson.

Truly an outstanding work of art! A symphonic anthmic rhythm is evident throughout the composition as a banner is raised in triumph of racial tolerance! A true feeling of ecstasy permeates all racial barriers as mankind celebrates their common ancestry.

Short Film
Produced by Robert Abel and Associates. We first are reminded of how man-kind once enjoyed the fruits of unification without regard to the color of your skin. But of course that all changed as people lost sight of the true beauty of nature-Including mankind's diversity. But now that's all about to change again! As Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther, among many others paved the way triumph. That is unification!

To symbolize this crowning victory…