Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Baby Be Mine

We now come across four steps of smooth jazzy soul.Invigorated by the voice of Michael Jackson.Pouring his all upon the Rod Temperton written piece. After chanting "mama se mama sa-ma-makoosa", we calm it down a little while grooving with our P.Y.T.'s.

"Baby Be Mine' and The Lady In My Life are the only tracks within "Thriller" to not have a single attached to their names.

If you'll listen closely, the intro sounds more like it's been recycled from his second #1 LP off of "Off The Wall", "Rock With You. The similarities are subtle, but you'll notice them after a few consecutive plays.

Anyways enjoy this much overlooked track off of Thriller!

Song lyrics | Baby Be Mine lyrics

Next: The Girl Is Mine! In the meantime, check out the demo to "Baby Be Mine"!

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