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Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's second single off of thriller-Billie Jean

 Whatever doubts may have crossed our minds on Thriller's Debut quickly vaporized when the official album was launched! Just one month later, "Billie Jean" rang in the new year on a roll!

 "Billie Jean" was very close to not making it to the final selection. It has been said Quincy wasn't moved by the demo(which you can listen to Right Here). But just a little mixing by Bruce Sweden would force him to think twice. Both Michael and Bruce drafted 91 takes on the track. Of which #2 was favored due to it's strong beat and high Funk flavor. Mr. Jackson's Home Demo was believed to be the very first mix. As of today, there are 88 unleaked demos lucked-up into Jackson's repository.

The Single

 With a distinctly furnished drumline and deeply Funked baseline, it's no wonder "Billy Jean" has hung onto those charts for 9 months! If it wasn't those infectious vocals, repetitive bassline, nor that snarly hi-hated drumbeat, then you'll have to agree on one thing. On how He graced that floor 25 years ago. Even going as far as doing The Moonwalk! Which helped pull a stunt only Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and The Beatles had accomplished in Pop history! Smashing the charts on both sides of the Atlantic simultaneously!

Billie Jean Single
Official Versions

Motown 25

 After a spectacular reunion with the Jackson 5, an inaugural ceremony of a rising superstar was about to take shape. A 24 year old(once dubbed Little Michael) would glide across that stage in dazzling attire. The world would never be the same again. Not a reporter was found who did not refer to him as a legend thereafter!

 Was it that dazzling jacket, or those short trousers? Could it have been his black loafers and glowing white socks? How about that sparkling sequin glove and sexy fedora?(which all by the way became the most memorial icons in music history) But I think it was those stunning moves in conjunction with his infectious vocals that had done the trick!

 Did you know that white glove was an after-thought? Around this time, a few little white blotches were showing up on his left hand. Anything he did became the next thing in boys fashion! It's just too bad he didn't wear a head-band.

 To learn more about Vitiligo, Click Here To get a taste of what it was like that one fateful night, Click Here!

The Meaning of Billie Jean

 Growing up with the Jackson 5, Michael gain first-hand experience on how groupies make their living. He is quoted as saying, "There never was a real Billie Jean. The girl in the song is a composite of people my brothers have been plagued with over the years. I could never understand how these girls could say they were carrying someone's child when it wasn't true."

 However, Terroborelli(spelling) told a more darker side to the tale. While living in the Enrico mansion around 1980, a letter arrived in the mail complete with a loaded gun smothered in perfume. The note addressed him to commit suicide at the same time she did so they could live happily ever after in the after-life. Mr. Jackson(of coarse) was petrified!

 As if things couldn't get much worse, the girl spent the night around the pool area hoping to get a piece of Mr. Jackson. Then latter accuses him of fathering one of her twin sons. From listening to Thriller's exposition one can safely infer she was a teenage groupie who's made bad decisions in the past and intends to lay the burden on Michael.

 Years later, he would write down those lyrics to get his frustrations out. One day while riding along the freeway, Mr. Jackson was deep in thought. Suddenly a deep distinct beat got stuck in his head. He would later pull the pieces together with Bruce Sweden in the studios. With a little additional help from Mr. Q, Michael Jackson gave birth to Billie Jean.

The Short Film

 A photographer is on pursuit to get his Holy Grail. Michael(illuminating each suburban tile with his presence) outsmarts him by hiding in a vacant apartment(supposedly Billie Jean's). The next-door neighbor phones the police. But Jackson's nowhere to be found. Instead the COPS arrest the stalkerazzi. While Michael illuminates the sidewalk in reverse. Invisible to the naked eye.

 I think that homeless guy, Who transforms into a first-class rich man. Was a hyperbolic Illustration on how Thriller brought Mr. Jackson from an ordinary Bubble Gum pop icon unto a super star sensation! A status few have enjoyed.

 One of those two girls on the billboard was thought to be that girl(mentioned earlier by Terroborelli). The following scene gives a snapshot of her eyes. Recently, she invaded his Neverland Ranch still demanding her demented rights as his elusive wife. Of course, she was arrested for breaking & entering.
Now lets watch and see for ourselves...

Lyrics | Billie Jean lyrics

 listen to Kayne West's own twist over at my other post Billie Jean 2008! The intro was fascinating. The rest was alright. But the "yeah ua Billy Jean number one" should of been left out. And Michael's signature beat should have never been eliminated. As Mr. Jackson would say, "That was the jelly"(emphases added)!

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