Sunday, March 23, 2008

Human Nature

Michael Jackson's 5th top 10 single Human Nature

Right after getting blamed by Billie Jean(a symbol of promiscuous women), we are entranced by a calmer balled mingled with Mr. Jackson's soft and cozy yearnings and quivers. With a sense of longing within his vocals to get and away from it all(perhaps that would explain the disguises).

"Human Nature" is written by Steve Porcaro, a member of a 70's Rock group Todo. And John Bettis, once a member of Spectrum(another band from the 70's).

Human Nature Single

At this point, both Michael and Quincy were mind-boggled on what goes on number 7. Don't get me wrong. All of Jackson's recordings were superb. Which is exactly my point! So Quincy narrowed it down to numbers submitted by Steve Porcaro. Now they were down to two potential tracks(in addition to "Carousel" and "For All Time"). Neither of which was going in the right direction. But it wasn't until the third snippet Steve forgot to leave out.

A rough sketch of "Why...Why....Da Da dadadadada" would turn the tables! Hysterically, Mr Jones picked up the receiver and called Mr Porcaro! In shock, he claimed the song was not meant to be released. But was a random sound by John Bettis. While recording, he forgot to erase that part.

Immediately, John was summoned on the spot with Steve Porcaro. To finish the song lyrically and perform an instrumental. While Jackson provided his catchy vocals. Thus, "Human Nature" was born!

U.S. Single

  • Human Nature(7")

  • Baby Be Mine

Alternate Single

  • Album Version

  • 7" Version

Human Nature-The Short Film & Song

Jackson says the lyrics had little to do with his personal life. John Bettis was said to base it partly on an incident. Where her daughter came home crying her eyes out from school(from getting teased at school).

Everytime I hear this song, I think of Michael wondering down those dark alleys at night. Regretting the times he'd missed an opportunity. To meet that girl. Whom he had a crush on. Who's now(more then likely) moved on with her life!

To watch Moonwalker's sketch of Human Nature, Click Here.

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