Monday, March 24, 2008

P.Y.T.(Pretty Young Thing)

The cover to Michael Jackson's 1983 single PYT

It's time to hit the dance floor once more and groove with the PYT's(at least the ones in the song anyway). Within the high-strung keys and uptempo percussion, Jackson proves he has a way with women not like other guys(wink). After this hit R7B would never be the same again!

Co-written by Greg Phillingenes(famous Keyboard Secessionist) and Michael himself. reaching top ten on the U.S. Billboards 100(becoming the sixth one to do so off the Thriller Album).

There is a slower demo which Quincy loved. But wanted something more peppy and uptempo. So it was back into the session room. After much dissecting and rearranging, James Ingram, Quincy Jones, and Michael Jackson finally gave it a shot of Soulful endorphins and R&B adrenaline. Janet and Latoya along with two other girls became the renown PYTs.

The early version never saw the light of day. Until 2004 when it was included on the setlist of The Michael Jackson Ultimate Collection Box Set. Containing never before released outtakes! To hear it for yourself, Click Here

Later, Will.I.Am would use an early demo of "Pretty Young Thing" as a remix for The 25th Anniversary of Thriller. You can listen and read up on my review over Here.

UK Single

1.P.Y.T.(Pretty Young Thing)

Just like his other hits, P.Y.T. has been sampled numerous times. We can't forget his visit to the White House when President Ronald Reagen said "Let's give some T.L.C. to the P.Y.T.'s. That may be a little Off The Wall but you know what I mean."(T.L.C. stands for "Tender loving care"). To watch the event, GO Here

Pretty Young Thing(Album Version)

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