Thursday, March 27, 2008

Victory Tour

 Two days right after Independence Day, of '84. The boys were ready to strike the U.S. and Canada with a 55-gig tour! For the first time, all 6 brothers could be scene on the same stage! Something fans Both old and new just had to watch. From the Arrowhead Arena to the Dodger Stadium, they were rollin' across the continent from July 6th till December 9th-Just 16 days before Christmas.

 Yet not all was happy-go-lucky. Many fans were disappointed(even disowning Michael) over the rigid complications of getting a ticket(fans had to buy a four-pack bundle and pay only by postage). Michael Jackson was against this whole ordeal. Only to get outvoted 6 to 1 by his father and brothers. A girl even sent a letter(from the Lone Star State) accusing him of avarice. That's when everyone started listening to Jackson. But not before the orders came in by the dozens. A lot of people who feared losing their hard-earned cash eventually got a refund for unused tickets.

 But whatever anger still resided deep within the fans suddenly vaporized as Mr. Jackson gave quite an entrance! All bitter feelings and resentments were put under the bridge(or over it).

 Their final act landed them in Los Angeles, Cal. Michael gave a very touching and persuasive speech. Emphasizing the American dream. Something our forefathers surly died for! He concluded with a startling phrase-"You know. We've come a long way from 2300 Jackson Street". Then he announced what a lot of fans saw coming. His formal resignation From The Jackson's.

 In closing for the evening, all brothers sang a sextet acappella harmony. To commemorate what was thought as their last time together. Everyone enjoyed this bittersweet experience. However, his father was not happy at all.

 Joe Jackson was said to run after Michael enrage in one of his moods as he subtly slipped through the crowd and into the limo. His newest documentary gave a shocking revelation. Quite on the contrary to that of Jermain's "An American Dream".

 Yet not to worry. As Michael himself said, "He's mellowed out through the years. So now, here is the official documentary of "The Victory Tour"!

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