Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Michael Jackson Victory

Michael Jackson's last album with the Jacksons-Victory

 In 1984, Michael reluctantly joined his brothers for one more album-"Victory"...Doing a corresponding tour that year. Further spreading Thriller's prestige legacy.

 For reasons unbeknown The Jacksons had a real hard time working together. Especially with their father leaning over their shoulder. So as a result, many tracks never got to see the light of day. The ones that did wound up becoming solos from each brother.

Victory Album Review

 If it wasn't for Michael Jackson's now super status, I don't know if "Victory would've had a chance. As it appears now, only two cuts jump out as extraordinary!

 The chemistry between Mick Jagger and Michael Jackson arrests you in a Hard Rock trance! As was the thing in the 80's, the song spits out a lot of spoofs from the 60's.

 "Torture" has more of a New Wave beat. Both Michael and Jermaine share the mic on this plastic release. Rest of the record lacks the jelly and originality.

 Tracks like "Be Not Always" and "The Hurt" are edible but fall short of Triumph's zeal!


1. "There Must Be More to Life Than This"(w/Freddie Mercury)
2. "Doing Dirty"
3. "Far Far Away"
4. "Power"
5. "Bad Company"
6. "Pyramid Girl"(Early version of Liberian Girl by Michael Jackson. The song was later considered for Michael Jackson's album "BAD" but was reworked, rewritten and released as "Liberian Girl.)
7. "Nona"
8. "Born to Love"
9. "Still in Love with You"
10. "Tender"
11. "Buffalo Bill"
12. "State of Shock"(w/Freddie Mercury)
13. "Victory"(various versions, a Jacksons solo cut, a version with Freddie Mercury and a version with the whole Queen band)

 Michael however only contributed to four songs. leading on only two. And to those tracks I now direct your attention.

State Of Shock

 In 1984, both leaders from The Jacksons band and The Rolling Stones got together and released a famous duet which left both fan bases in a state of shock! Drawing more attention to Michael Jackson while giving his fans an appreciation for Mick Jagger. To feel the chemistry collide, Click Here!

Be Not Always

 A very emotionally-driven slow Balled on what some call Jackson's worst composition yet(since Thriller). Yet I find it quite moving and thought he did a good job. You can listen to it Here.

The Hurt

 Although Randy takes the lead, Michael is also found dueting a few times on this track. To hear it for yourself, Click Here


 Jermaine and Michael duet on this 80's New Wave track. Originally Jackie was meant to do the honors. But for personal reasons, Jermaine filled his spot. To hear it for yourself, Click Here.


Stay tuned for more interviews of Michael Jackson's Thriller Era and some Victory Tour Concert Footage!

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