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Right after Michael Jackson's Off The Wall LP comes The Jacksons Triumph album

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 Right after the release of "Off the Wall", Michael Jackson is back in the studios with his brothers. This time bringing fourth "Triumph"-Their crowning achievement.

Triumph Album Review

 Triumph blows the lid off The Billboard 200! Never had they had a #1 album since Maybe Tomorrow-And it's no wonder.

 "Can You Feel It" is a powerful ecstatic anthem that transcends time and race! "Walk Right Now" has a similar vibe with an added resounding bite(walk right now). "Lovely One has a regurgitated(though outstanding) sound from "Don't Stop Til' You Get Enough". "This Place Hotel" has a creepy and mysterious tinge.

 The Ballads "Time Waits For No One" and Give It Up" are more positive pick-me-up kind of tunes(especially the former-whew). Every other track is edible and appetizing.

 So to make a long story short, "Triumph" is jam-packed with unforgettable melodies and fantasic tunes you don't have to skip!

Can You Feel It

 Released as a single in September, 1980. This anthemic uptempo feel-good chart-topper brought even more attention to Michael's brilliant talent. As he wrote and composed the whole thing(with Randy)! Still Nobody anticipated what would become of this 22-year-old bubble-gum star.

 Reaching #1 on December 13th for the hot Dance Billboard Charts. A music video was also attached to the single which you can watch over at my other post "Can You Feel It".

Lovely One

 Their Triumphant debut, "Lovely One" achieved a status close to "Shake Your Body Down To The Ground". Though "Can You Feel It" would in no time replace it. This single rose to number 12 for the top 100 and even #2 on the Black Singles Chart. You can definitely hear Jackson's powerful vocals. Especially as he proclaims "You Are My Lovely One!" Go listen for yourself. Go to my post "Lovely One"!

Your Ways

 Jackson is really killing it on this number. You can hear him making hiccups and yearnings that's become a trademark of his down the road! Also of note is the emotion infused into this song. an excellent conclusion to the Disco era. Just before "Funkytown" stomped it all out.


 A extreme Funky R&B sound with a little touch of post-Disco thrown in the sides.

This Place Hotel

 Out of shear respect for Elvis Presley. Michael changed the song tittle from "Heartbreak Hotel" to "This Place Hotel". This was Triumph's last single. Right before "Thriller's first single "Billie Jean". The following year. Reaching number 22 on the U.S. Pop Charts and #2 for the R&B singles Chart.

Time Waits For No One

 A balled sung by Michael himself. It keeps on building until the resolution where the hefty chorus is sung on a melodic tune. In all, the tune is a bit too sentimental for my taste.:) Although I love the concluding climax(which rocks)!

Walk Right Now

 This one never made it real big in the states. But did manage to peak at number 7 on the British charts. There a strong rhythms and chants throughout the mix. All about a girl who keeps teasing other guys and betrays her boyfriend. Michael Jackson boldly shouts "Walk Right Now" "I'm Not Playin'!" It's either me only or the road.

Give It Up

 A wonderful collaboration between Michael and Randy. all on believing in yourself and being creative. I love the piano, drum line, and guitar solos which give it a strong edge.

Wondering Who

 For a change, Jackie Jackson has a chance to lead sing on this final number to close "Triumph". Although nothing banging, it's not so bad either. You can actually hear Michael in the background doing those umphs and hee hees.


 "Slipped Away" and "Why Can't I Be" are "Triumph" outtakes which have been held close to MJ's chest and never have been leaked weather to a radio station or across the net. If you do discover them. Just give me a beep and I'll go check it out for your sakes.

 In the meantime, we will slip right on over to The Thriller Era! You don't want to miss it! Also, check out their following album Victory!

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