Thursday, March 13, 2008

Can You Feel It

Can You Feel It-A Their first debut single of Triumph

As a precursor to "Triumph", "The Jacksons" would release their most crowning achievement. "Can You Feel It" was written and produced by Michael Jackson while Jackie helped him with the lyrics. A further taste on what would become of Michael Jackson.

Truly an outstanding work of art! A symphonic anthmic rhythm is evident throughout the composition as a banner is raised in triumph of racial tolerance! A true feeling of ecstasy permeates all racial barriers as mankind celebrates their common ancestry.

Short Film

Produced by Robert Abel and Associates. We first are reminded of how man-kind once enjoyed the fruits of unification without regard to the color of your skin. But of course that all changed as people lost sight of the true beauty of nature-Including mankind's diversity. But now that's all about to change again! As Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther, among many others paved the way triumph. That is unification!

To symbolize this crowning victory, "The Jackson's" transform the Golden Gate Bridge into a rainbow highway. Sealing the East and the West together in perfect harmony! Watch the music video below...

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