Sunday, March 30, 2008

Michael Jackson's Pepsi Commercials-Thriller Era

In 1984, Michael got it together with his brothers to do a Pepsi shoot. As was typical for a man of his repertoire, there was no consensus concerning what Thriller Outtake to premier. Until it dawned upon the dream team to give "Billie Jean" a whole new makeover.

Mini Jackson Pepsi Shot

Starring a kid named Alfonso. Gulping down a Pepsi. Supposedly arousing the mood to street dance. Like most boys attempted to do in the 80's, he does the Michael Jackson Moonwalk-Gliding smoothly across the pavement. Until he bumps into the real thing!

Michael smiles. Inviting him and the rest of the gang to dance the dance of a lifetime. Moving inline with The Gloved One and his brothers. Together they become one with the dance as Michael sings..."Your a whole new generation cause you feel the Pepsi way. Gotta grab a little magic while your on the run". and "Pepsi: the choice of a new generation".

To conclude the moment, Mr.Jackson waves good-bye to his new-found friends while sporting his signature Billie Jean jacket.

That same kid later joined the cast of the "Fresh Prince Of Bel Air"(coincidentally by Legendary Producer Quincy Jones)!

Live Pepsi Commercial

Pepsi commercial take 2-This time live! Now everybody's drinking Pepsicola. At least from the masses.

In the dressing room. Moving to the groove, gracing each step down the hall. Michael is ready to thrill millions while keeping instep with the Pepsi groove!

Michael Jackson's Accident

But the second shot almost cost him his life. If you remember, he suffered second degree burns on his head. Barbecuing most of Michael's hair off. As a result, he wore wig extensions until a new set grew in full bloom.

All because of a malfunction on stage. The sparks apparently found a nest within the pop stars head. Everyone swore it was part of the act. When he spun a double tornado. Screeching his signature high-pitched aww!!! But in reality, Mr. Jackson was in excruciating pain! Watch the documentary Here.

MTV kindly offered an hour long of airtime with his commercials. Right before the now famous 8 Grammy's In One Night stunt. What can this teach you? Failure has a way of deceiving you. Never give up on your dreams.

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