Saturday, January 30, 2010

Off The Wall Remix

 As a B-side filler to Michael Jackson's successful hit single-Stranger In Moscow, Junior Vasquez(a.k.a. Donald Mattern) was invited to do a one-off remix with the titled track Off The Wall. Listen below...

Friday, January 29, 2010

Billie Jean 12" Version

 Included with the Instrumental Version from the single Billie Jean, Here is the 12" extended version!

 Originally Michael Jackson wanted the introductory drum snare to be much longer. But despite his insistence "That's The Jelly", Quincy thought otherwise. However, the extended version does give a a taste on how that would've worked out(had Mr. Jackson got his way).
Anyways, enjoy the long version!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Billie Jean Instrumental

 Also released for the single is Michael Jackson's instrumental of "Billie Jean".

 One can only speculate how Michael ascended into the stratosphere. But concerning this track, I think the beat was one contributing facet. Those loud and distinct bass drums Robbie(MJ's original drum player from the 80's) repetitively hit has come down as another signature for him.

 Think of it...Every-time you tune into your radio, What's the first thing that comes to mind after hearing that introductory drum snare?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Beat It Moonwalker Version

 Now here is a computer digitalized rendition of Beat It from 1990. Coming from Sega's Moonwalker Video Game. Which is just one of many tracks that got transcribed into 16-bits.
If you haven't play this in a long time, nostalgia is sure to well-up from the back of your mind.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Beat It Album Mix #6

 I'm not too sure if this is an altogether different Jam session of Beat It or just an extension to the original Demo. My instinct informs me it's the latter.

 But regardless, here is Album Mix #6 of the original Beat It Master Tapes also used for the game Guitar Hero World Tour...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Was Michael Jackson Paraniod?

 A very startling tape just released by Michael Jackson's former manager Weisiner reveals a sleep-deprived pop star frightened over what he called a conspiracy to terminate the singers life("The System" as he so aptly put it)!

 A date has not been released as of yet. However Dieter Weisiner was Mr. Jackson's General Manager between 1996-2003. So it is safe to assume the discourse most likely occurred around that time.

 Reporters have assumed he was over-medicated and thus believe he was suffering from a case of paranoia. But I think he was telling the truth(O.K. a little Insomniac but still with legitimate fears).

 I have a feeling it had a lot to do with Tom Snedden and/or Sony Music. Others could've been involved as well.

 Although no concrete prof exists of a Mass conspiracy, it's very possible each culprit involved helped each other(even when they didn't know it) to get a piece of the pie.

 Whatever your views, here's the phone transcript that took place between the two at Neverland Ranch. What do you think about this new revelation into the pop star's life?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Post-Humourous Tribute to MJ

 Well be prepared for another Michael Jackson tribute! No not hosted by Jermaine nor somewhere in a European country. But right here in the states-On the American Grammys(where Mr. Jackson received a record 8-Grammys in one night).

 Co-produced by AEG, this years Grammys will feature Michael Jackson's and his lifetime achievements. Of course(as always) those who have been nominated during the past year will also be there.

 For the first time in history, they'll have The King of Pop perform one of his numbers(Earth Song) in 3D hologram! The show will feature tidbits from This Is It-A 50 concert o2 gig(that tragically never happened) residential tour that would've been the break-through to the greatest comeback ever in music history!
Never before has this stunt done pulled for the Grammys!

Source Billboard-Grammys Will Stage 3-D Tribute To Michael Jackson!

One More Chance R> Kelly

 After writing the song for him, R. Kelly had woven together a remix to Jackson's 2003 single "One More Chance". Robert had also written Michael's anthem "Cry" and love ballad "You Are Not Alone". In which he also did his own "Mix" for.

 He didn't do too bad on this track. However, it pales in comparison to his efforts at remixing "You Are Not Alone"!

Paul Oakenfold Mixes

 Paul Oakenfold is a British-American artist and Remixer/DJ chosen to stitch together up to four remixes for Michael Jackson's all-new single "One More Chance".

 The first take was fairly good. But the "Urban Mix" did not blend the vocals real well with where he was taking the track. I have no idea about "Night and Day" or Pop Mix" since their not currently leaked upon the internet.

Paul Oakenfold Mix

Urban Mix

One More Chance Metro Mix

 DJ Ford hone contemporary urban mix to Mr. Jackson's last new single while alive One More Chance! And had those Ugly Accusations not come up, I firmly believe Ford would have been remixing more tracks from Jackson's planned 2004/2005 album that never was.
He has did "Slang Remix", Slang Electro", and simply the "Ford Mix".

They Don't Care About Us-Track Masters Mix

 The Track Masters(aka Poke & Tone) together remixed the King of Pop's hit single They Don't Care About Us. They also did further work with You Rock My World and "Butterflies". Using Jay-Z and Eve as featurettes!

Butterflies Master Mix

 Track Masters(aka Poke and Tone) brought Eve Jeffers in to feature on a remix of Michael Jackson's Butterflies single.

 The Track Masters have also done work for "They Don't Care About Us" and "You Rock My World".

 Again I'm not too thrilled about this mix(for the same reasons as "You Rock My World"). But to all you Hip Hop fanatics out there who are also into Michael Jackson, I'm sure you can dig this.

You Rock My World Feat Jay-Z

 Michael Jackson called Jay-Z to feature in a remix of "You Rock My World" by Track Masters. Mick was said to want a sound geared more for today's younger generation.

 But I wasn't too thrilled with this remix. I thought a more Classic R&B mix would've suited the track much better. And since the first three tracks on his last studio album featured Rap Segments, he need to experiment with that genre again. Especially since Rap was on it's way down compared to the 90's.
But you know as they say, "different strokes for different folks."

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blood On The Dance Floor Remix

 Wycliffe Jean also did a number on Mr. Jackson's Blood On The Dance Floor single. His version was ultimately used on the music video. Or as Michael would like to call it a "Short Film". In addition, Refugee Camp has done a Remix on MJ's thundering album track "2 Bad".

 As with all their mixes, Refugee Camp puts you in a loungeful atmosphere filled with the aura of smooth 90's Hip Hop. Especially as it samples a piece of Sly Johnson's hit "Different Strokes".

 I'm absolutely enthralled with the double-bridge climax where you get entranced into humming along to the ode of "...Ooh, blood on the dance floor..."! Surely "Refugee Camp Mix" just adds value and gives another twist to an already chart-topping smash hit!

A Wicked Bad "Dance Floor" Mix

 Although less known then "Refugee Camp Mix", Tony Moran has put together one heck of a spin on Michael's Blood On The Dance Floor track! Everything from those groovy vocals to his chord synthesizers just adds a whole new dimension to an already remarkable dance tune! It's too bad this mix wasn't considered for Michael Jackson's remix blockbuster also by the name of "Blood On The Dance Floor".

 In addition to this song, Tony has done a few History Mixes as well.

TM's Switchblade Mix

TM's Switchblade Edit

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

DJ Greek's Scary Mix

 Here is DJ Greek's take on Michael Jackson's hit single Is It Scary. I'm not too much for Club music. But this is for all you head-bangers out there!

The Eddie Mixes

 Eddie Arroyo has put together one heck of a remix for Michael Jackson's Is It Scary! Not only that but you can clearly find the vocals match quite well with where he's going with the track. Something quite rare among the realm of remixology. I am just in awe of this reinterpretation! Just listen below...

Ghosts-Mousse T Mixes

 Mousse T remixed up to 3 drafts for Michael Jackson's spooktacular single Ghosts! Sadly only the club mix can be found on MJ's U.K. Edition of History/Ghosts.

Mousse T's Club Mix TV

 This ones a little too fast for me. You can also check out the radio edit Right Here.

Mousse T's Radio Rock Singalong

 Now this is what I'm talkin' about people! The smooth groove and texture feels a lot like what Santana would do! The only thing missing is a grand finale!

2 Bad-Refugee Camp Mix

 Wycliffe Jean then known as one of the members of The Refugee Camp team helped remix Michael Jackson's album track 2 Bad. This remix can also be found on Michael's remix album "Blood On The Dance Floor". Another member of the group did a unique Rap segment for this version.

 I usually hate Rap, however his style is very smooth and does not interrupt the flow of the music(shock you can't even find those anymore). Although the introduction is a bit annoying, once the beat gets going it's smooth. Towards the end they insert a little parody to Beat It.

The Ummah Mixes

 :The Ummah are a conglomerate of Hip-Hop DJ's(Q-Tip, Jay Dee, and Ali Shaheed Muhammad) who spun-up a batch of mean History mixes! Plus an acappella cut.

 Each remix offers it's own unique spin to the table. Weather that be Urban, Funk, or Smooth R&B. These fellas insert their own flavor into the mix. I am so thrilled to find some juice when it comes to remixing an already wonderful track!

The Ummah Radio Mix

The Ummah Urban Mix

The Ummah DJ Mix

History-MARK!'s Vocal Club Mix

 One of the three elite chosen to remix MJ's hit single History was Mark Picchiotti. And indeed was he the right choice to make!

 Mark takes this to the next level by adding an acrostic warm-up to the mix! He then spices the anthem with a touch of Gospel and R&B! You can find these and many more rare mixes by purchasing The SingleRare History/Ghosts seven track single with rare mixes included

Mark!'s Vocal Club Mix

Mark's Radio Edit

Tony Moran History Mixes

 Tony Moran remixed up to two versions of Michael Jackson's successful anthem History. Both are unique from one another.

Tony Moran's History Lesson

 I bet most of you can remember this either from the official music video(in which case his 7" edit was used) or from Michael's remix album "Blood On The Dance Floor".

 I'll admit up front. From 7-12 inches, there's a big difference in mood and presentation. The former dives you right into the climax. While you'll have to overcome a few repetitive hurtles on the latter. Click Here to listen to the 7". Or you could listen to the 12" below.

Tony Moran's HIStorical Dub

 Now this one I wasn't real impressed(unless head-banging in a night club is your thing). Granted, it was different from Tony's mix above, yet I just don't seem to be feeling it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

You Are Not Alone R. Kelly Mix

 R. Kelly has written a number of songs for Michael Jackson including "You Are Not Alone" and "One More Chance". Doing a remix on both tracks.

 I find Michael was on the right track when it comes to reinterpretations to "You Are Not Alone"! I am especially amazed at the resolution of R. Kelly's Remix! Listen for yourself...

You Are Not Alone-Jon B. Mixes

 Johnathan David Buck(aka Jon B.) did the honors of remixing Michael Jackson's record smashing hit You Are Not Alone! One of only to do so. Currently there are two versions of this mix.

 David Buck has done a marvelous job! The remix is almost perfect in every way. Truly a reinterpretation in it's own right.

Jon B. Main Mix

Jon B. Padapella Mix

You Are Not Alone-Franky Mixes

 Franky Knuckles was re-invited to remix MJ's hit single You Are Not Alone. He previously did a spin-up to "Rock With You", "Thriller", and "In The Closet". There are currently two versions of his remix to "You Are Not Alone". The "Classic Club Mix" was specially chosen for Michael Jackson's remix album-"Blood On The Dance Floor".

 I just love how he infused a classic Gospel vibe into the mix! The organ gives you the sensation of light at the end of the tunnel! Listen below...

Franktified Club Mix

Classic Club Mix

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rogers Dangerous Club Mix

 I have a feeling Roger was updated the sound on this remix for the release of Michael Jackson's smash hit single "Blood On The Dance Floor. So we'll probably never know the original feel and texture to his "Dangerous Club Mix".
Below is the long version and it's edit counterpart...

 That being said, I didn't mind the mix too much. Though it's nothing like "The Album Track!

Rogers Dangerous Club Mix

Rogers Dangerous Edit

Beat It Demo

 Not to be confused with the demo on The "This Is It" Soundtrack, this demo tape of "Beat It" is what Wil.I.Am took and mixed with Fergie for The 25th Anniversary of Thriller.

 Notice the guitar rift is a lot more distinct and the drum snare is mechanical and not organic(like the official version). Also Eddie Van Helen had not been called in yet(I believe whoever uploaded this demo on Youtube inserted the knocking towards the middle). And so the climax had not been filled in.

 When it comes to the conclusion, the track stripes down until the last rift lays down the final note(which gives the tune a unique spin).

 This is just one of many Midi tapes Michael Jackson owns of the song Beat It in his vault. Listen below...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This Time Around-Club Around Radio Mix

 Maurice Joshua took two shots at reinterpreting Michael Jackson's shelved single This Time Around.(note: It can be found on a few promos). One as an R&B Hip Hop groove and the other a more club in the house bang. Although Maurice in no way improves an already great track, I think he did a fine job doing what he does best(especially "Hip Hop Around Mix"). Best of all, he has edited out the swear word on both mixes. Thereby making them radio friendly!

 He has also contributed remixes to "Jam" and "Remember The Time".

Club Around Radio Mix

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beat It Acappella Take 2

 Added to the second disc of The This Is It Soundtrack, this is an alternate recording(actually 4 recordings) of Michael Jackson singing Beat It. More like a 4-part harmony of himself(a Michael Jackson Quartet is what I'd like to call it).

 What you'll also hear is more beat-boxing from The King of Pop! Weather that be the main guitar lick or the snare drum. As previously mentioned, the orchestra is all in his mind(this is just part of it).

 Unlike what you hear today on the radio today, the only time Michael Jackson overdubbed his voice was strictly for harmonization(as opposed to recording over vocal glitches).

 If it wasn't for his Discord Lupus, I firmly believe MJ's vocal range would be as clear as day and this live vs. lip syncing debate wouldn't as so much exist!
Listen to the demo of Beat It below...But to hear it in the comfort of your own CD player Click HereThis Is It Soundtrack Special Edition(for the This Is It Soundtrack Special Edition)! If you have an I-pod, I'd encourage you to save the extra cash and purchase the MP3 Edition!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Beat It Acappella Mix

 Today we are gonna review an Acappella Mix of Beat It. One of Michael Jackson's most recognizable pop sensations from the 80's!

Acappella Mix Review

 On most of Mr. Jackson's studio recordings, he only went in once to lay down his vocals(the exception of course would be in layering extra vocals for back-ups and special effects).

 Beat It was no exception. As mentioned above, Michael performed the back-ups himself(for harmonization). But the rest was single-handedly sung on one take(i.e. without layering extra recordings to edit out his mistakes).

 As always, Michael's organic voice is crisp and on-key throughout the track. At one point, it's as if he's singing Barbershop with himself.

 Though I wish the studio left out the Beat it...Beat it...Beat it...Beat it...Ab lib at times(mainly towards the end). As it doesn't go with the stripped vocals.

 Other then that(and a 40 sec wait), I am absolutely stunned at this man's vocal range(I wish I had that). I'm shocked he never took advantage of every opportunity to flaunt those buoyant rangfull vocal chords(Thriller +).

Anyways, listen for yourself(starting at 40 seconds) below...

Friday, January 08, 2010

Tee's In-House Club Mix

 Most notably found on his remix album "Blood On The Dance Floor", Michael Jackson allowed Todd Terry(a.k.a. Tee) play around with Stranger In Moscow in the studio. One of those results turned out to become "Tee's In-House Club Mix"-With a dominant Latino House mix throughout. He also did a Radio Mix and "Light AC Mix which I've been trying to upload with no success.:(
Listen below...

Stranger In Moscow Dance Club Mix

 As Spensane solely did the Vocal Mix, all of The Basement Boys contributed to this "12' Dance Club Mix" for Michael Jackson's album track Stranger In Moscow. The remix itself is off the hook. However, I don't think it mixes real well with his vocals. Especially as he sings the verses.

Stranger In Moscow Spensane Vocal Mix

 Spensane is a prominent DJ originally from The Basement Boys. He did an R&B Vocal Mix to Mr. Jackson's big number Stranger In Moscow. Listen below...

Charles Roane's Full R&B Mix

 After experimenting with a Full R&B Mix to Jackson's other hit They Don't Care About Us, DJ Charles Roane was invited back one more time to convert Stranger In Moscow into a Smooth R&B palate.

Stranger In Moscow-Hani's Num Radio

 In addition to the "Chilli Hop Extended Mix", Hani also created the "Num Radio Club Mix" for Michael Jackson's hit stranger In Moscow. He's also done a full club mix and a Dub take to the "Num Radio Mix".

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Beat It Intrumental

 Check out the instrumental to Michael Jackson's eponymous hit-Beat It! By that, I don't just mean the main verses but also the ab libs and back-up vocals as well. Only the guiyars and the drum snares will do the talking.

 Personally, I get a new kick out of Michael Jackson's ingenuity everytime I listen to his music from a new angle(yes, these instruments weren't performed by him. Yet they all came from his imagination). Every chord, snare, and key was performed initially by Michael on a Midi tape for sessionists to duplicate! I wonder if those Midi(of each song he did) will get leaked or released in the future? But for now, we can only visualize though this Instrumental...

They Don't Care About Us-Love To Infinity Mixes

 Love To Infinity are a Club DJ threesome comprising of Andy, Pete and Dave Lee. Together, they remixed 4 tracks from They Don't Care About Us among other hits by Michael Jackson.

Love To Infinity Mixes

 With some striking similarities and differences, "Love To Infinity" has drafted "Paradise Radio", "Walk In The Park", Anthem Love", and last but not least "Hacienda Mix". These mixes are my least favorite as there more geared toward the throbbing nightlife in a club.

Paradise Radio Mix

Walk In The Park Mix

Anthem of Love Mix

Hacienda Mix

Monday, January 04, 2010

Michael Jackson FT. Lenny Kravitz "Another Day"

 Sometime between 1998-2004, Michael Jackson got together with Lenny Kravitz and recorded a number of shelved tracks. Well to start off the new decade, one of those songs(in part) was leaked mysteriously on the web. Against Lenny's and(I'm sure) Michael's wishes.

 It all started last Saturday on a remote radio station featuring DJ Krelis and Ducky(don't ask). With their voices all tagged-up in shout-outs, they boldly announced a new MJ track had leaked!

 Yet Sony and the Estate said "Not so fast"! In response, they are performing a full scale investigation on who is to blame for the leak(though my guess is they don't have to look very far).

 In a sigh of relief(to many fans), the DJ shout-outs have nothing whatsoever to do with the track. According to Lenny, the one minute twenty-eight second leak is not 100% complete(as you can tell by the quality). He also promised us fans to hopefully get the full completed version out there(when ready). Listen to his response below...

 Personally, I absolutely loved Mr. Jackson's strong vocals! I mean, what a genius!

 One can only wonder what the completed version will sound like. As for right now, enjoy the snippet before Sony takes it away.


My life has taken me beyond the planets and the stars
And you're the only one that could take me this far
I'll be forever searching for your love
I walked away but I was wrong
You're the one that keeps me strong
You're the fire that keeps me warm
How will I get through this storm?
At night, I pray before I sleep in hope of finding you

P.S the video below has edited-out the DJ tags/over-tunes. To listen to that, Click Here!

Scream-D.M. Extended R&B Mix

 Here's another example of where David Morales shines like gold remixing Mr. Jackson's mega hit Scream with Peter Ski Schwartz!

 Other then subtract a few ab libs here and there, I find no fault with this edition. And y'all know that means a lot from a guy who's not so into remixes!

Scream Louder-Flyte Tyme Remix

 For Mr. Jackson's remix album(Blood On The Dance Floor), Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis took "Sly and The Family Stone's" early 70's hit "Thankufolletmebemyself" and mashed it with his mega hit Scream. Created their own sound in the process.

 Thus, "Scream Louder" was brought fourth from the studio! With all it's Classic R&B extensions.

Jam & Lewis did a similar feat to Janet Jackson's album track "Rhythm Nation".

Flyte Tyme Remix is an indirect reference to their own record label by that same name.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Pressurized Dub 2

 After such an outstanding spin with MJ's hit Scream( Def Radio Mix), it's hard to believe we're talking about the same DJ here.Unlike his first spin-off, the pressurized Dub is divided into two parts, has no melody, and recycles the same industrial beats incessantly. Even repeating Michael's swear word over and over again(which is why I omitted the first take).

 So unless your lounging in a club and the DJ happens to spin this tune up, don't forget I told you so.

Pressurized Dub Pt 2

Scream-Def Radio Mix

 :David Morales brought in Satoshi Tomiie to play the keyboards and help remix Michael Jackson's record smash hit Scream! What came to fruition was the "Def Radio Mix".

 Despite the vocals not fully in-sync with the new arrangement, I'm actually quite refreshed to find something different-More like a breath of fresh air from the endless industrial loops regurgitated in a new sequence. Mr. Morales have definitely left an outstanding mark on Mr. Jackson. It's just too bad those false allegations got in the way.

[EDit-Upon further analysis, I find this to be the radio edit of the "Classic Club Mix"(beware of profanity towards the end)]

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Hani's Extended Chilli Hop Mix

 Besides remixing a few drafts for Stranger In Moscow, Hani Albader has also done a couple on Michael Jackson's other History chart-topper Earth Song.

 The "Chilli Hop Mix" gives the track a more sped-up scratchy industrial feel. Which I felt wasn't completely necessary. The songs original mood was meant to be reflective and somewhat depressing. But speaking of the vocals, he emphasized them fairly well.

Friday, January 01, 2010

They Don't Care About Us-Charles Full Joint Mix

 Charles Roane was invited to do a smooth Hip-Hop remix to Michael's smash hit They Don't Care About Us. Featuring a Rap segment by Lil Al Skratch during the climax(where the guitar riff would normally go).

Michael Jackson's Father Passes Away at 89!

 On June 27th, 2018 Michael Jackson's dad passed on from a bout of cancer. Although he was very rough with his children and yes abused t...