Monday, January 25, 2010

Was Michael Jackson Paraniod?

 A very startling tape just released by Michael Jackson's former manager Weisiner reveals a sleep-deprived pop star frightened over what he called a conspiracy to terminate the singers life("The System" as he so aptly put it)!

 A date has not been released as of yet. However Dieter Weisiner was Mr. Jackson's General Manager between 1996-2003. So it is safe to assume the discourse most likely occurred around that time.

 Reporters have assumed he was over-medicated and thus believe he was suffering from a case of paranoia. But I think he was telling the truth(O.K. a little Insomniac but still with legitimate fears).

 I have a feeling it had a lot to do with Tom Snedden and/or Sony Music. Others could've been involved as well.

 Although no concrete prof exists of a Mass conspiracy, it's very possible each culprit involved helped each other(even when they didn't know it) to get a piece of the pie.

 Whatever your views, here's the phone transcript that took place between the two at Neverland Ranch. What do you think about this new revelation into the pop star's life?

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