Post-Humourous Tribute to MJ

 Well be prepared for another Michael Jackson tribute! No not hosted by Jermaine nor somewhere in a European country. But right here in the states-On the American Grammys(where Mr. Jackson received a record 8-Grammys in one night).

 Co-produced by AEG, this years Grammys will feature Michael Jackson's and his lifetime achievements. Of course(as always) those who have been nominated during the past year will also be there.

 For the first time in history, they'll have The King of Pop perform one of his numbers(Earth Song) in 3D hologram! The show will feature tidbits from This Is It-A 50 concert o2 gig(that tragically never happened) residential tour that would've been the break-through to the greatest comeback ever in music history!
Never before has this stunt done pulled for the Grammys!

Source Billboard-Grammys Will Stage 3-D Tribute To Michael Jackson!

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