Monday, January 04, 2010

Michael Jackson FT. Lenny Kravitz "Another Day"

 Sometime between 1998-2004, Michael Jackson got together with Lenny Kravitz and recorded a number of shelved tracks. Well to start off the new decade, one of those songs(in part) was leaked mysteriously on the web. Against Lenny's and(I'm sure) Michael's wishes.

 It all started last Saturday on a remote radio station featuring DJ Krelis and Ducky(don't ask). With their voices all tagged-up in shout-outs, they boldly announced a new MJ track had leaked!

 Yet Sony and the Estate said "Not so fast"! In response, they are performing a full scale investigation on who is to blame for the leak(though my guess is they don't have to look very far).

 In a sigh of relief(to many fans), the DJ shout-outs have nothing whatsoever to do with the track. According to Lenny, the one minute twenty-eight second leak is not 100% complete(as you can tell by the quality). He also promised us fans to hopefully get the full completed version out there(when ready). Listen to his response below...

 Personally, I absolutely loved Mr. Jackson's strong vocals! I mean, what a genius!

 One can only wonder what the completed version will sound like. As for right now, enjoy the snippet before Sony takes it away.


My life has taken me beyond the planets and the stars
And you're the only one that could take me this far
I'll be forever searching for your love
I walked away but I was wrong
You're the one that keeps me strong
You're the fire that keeps me warm
How will I get through this storm?
At night, I pray before I sleep in hope of finding you

P.S the video below has edited-out the DJ tags/over-tunes. To listen to that, Click Here!

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