Blood On The Dance Floor Remix

 Wycliffe Jean also did a number on Mr. Jackson's Blood On The Dance Floor single. His version was ultimately used on the music video. Or as Michael would like to call it a "Short Film". In addition, Refugee Camp has done a Remix on MJ's thundering album track "2 Bad".

 As with all their mixes, Refugee Camp puts you in a loungeful atmosphere filled with the aura of smooth 90's Hip Hop. Especially as it samples a piece of Sly Johnson's hit "Different Strokes".

 I'm absolutely enthralled with the double-bridge climax where you get entranced into humming along to the ode of "...Ooh, blood on the dance floor..."! Surely "Refugee Camp Mix" just adds value and gives another twist to an already chart-topping smash hit!

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