Beat It Acappella Mix

 Today we are gonna review an Acappella Mix of Beat It. One of Michael Jackson's most recognizable pop sensations from the 80's!

Acappella Mix Review

 On most of Mr. Jackson's studio recordings, he only went in once to lay down his vocals(the exception of course would be in layering extra vocals for back-ups and special effects).

 Beat It was no exception. As mentioned above, Michael performed the back-ups himself(for harmonization). But the rest was single-handedly sung on one take(i.e. without layering extra recordings to edit out his mistakes).

 As always, Michael's organic voice is crisp and on-key throughout the track. At one point, it's as if he's singing Barbershop with himself.

 Though I wish the studio left out the Beat it...Beat it...Beat it...Beat it...Ab lib at times(mainly towards the end). As it doesn't go with the stripped vocals.

 Other then that(and a 40 sec wait), I am absolutely stunned at this man's vocal range(I wish I had that). I'm shocked he never took advantage of every opportunity to flaunt those buoyant rangfull vocal chords(Thriller +).

Anyways, listen for yourself(starting at 40 seconds) below...

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