Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beat It Acappella Take 2

 Added to the second disc of The This Is It Soundtrack, this is an alternate recording(actually 4 recordings) of Michael Jackson singing Beat It. More like a 4-part harmony of himself(a Michael Jackson Quartet is what I'd like to call it).

 What you'll also hear is more beat-boxing from The King of Pop! Weather that be the main guitar lick or the snare drum. As previously mentioned, the orchestra is all in his mind(this is just part of it).

 Unlike what you hear today on the radio today, the only time Michael Jackson overdubbed his voice was strictly for harmonization(as opposed to recording over vocal glitches).

 If it wasn't for his Discord Lupus, I firmly believe MJ's vocal range would be as clear as day and this live vs. lip syncing debate wouldn't as so much exist!
Listen to the demo of Beat It below...But to hear it in the comfort of your own CD player Click HereThis Is It Soundtrack Special Edition(for the This Is It Soundtrack Special Edition)! If you have an I-pod, I'd encourage you to save the extra cash and purchase the MP3 Edition!

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