Tony Moran History Mixes

 Tony Moran remixed up to two versions of Michael Jackson's successful anthem History. Both are unique from one another.

Tony Moran's History Lesson

 I bet most of you can remember this either from the official music video(in which case his 7" edit was used) or from Michael's remix album "Blood On The Dance Floor".

 I'll admit up front. From 7-12 inches, there's a big difference in mood and presentation. The former dives you right into the climax. While you'll have to overcome a few repetitive hurtles on the latter. Click Here to listen to the 7". Or you could listen to the 12" below.

Tony Moran's HIStorical Dub

 Now this one I wasn't real impressed(unless head-banging in a night club is your thing). Granted, it was different from Tony's mix above, yet I just don't seem to be feeling it.

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