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Michael Jackson Cheater(Full Version)

Letting this puppy slip was a big mistake in my opinion! This and "Streetwalker" would've launched of the Billboards like a rocket! Even making "Bad" dare I say surpass "Thriller" as the best selling album of all time!

 The rhythm and percussion will leave you mind boggled(by the way, Greg Phillinganes was the man behind many of Paul McCartney hits as well)! You will get a new appreciation for Michael Jackson's "Bad" era after hearing this song!

False Allegations Against the King of Pop

Since those 1993 allegations made headlines, Michael Jackson's reputation has been shattered to that of a pedophile who's fame has excused him from serving jail time. Yet, when you take the time and look through the facts, you'll soon discover something very fishy is going on.

It appears Michael Jackson has been the victim of a few well-thought out conspiracies. Though no evidence points to a mass cabal. Yet there is quite a bit of substantial evidence pointing to a few perpetrators with a full-blown lust for money and power. From Thomas Sneddon, Jordan Chandler's father, and most recently the Arvizo family. Everybody wanted a piece of that mans pie. The one who became the most wealthiest entertainer of all time!
To find out the whole unbiased truth of what led up to the infamous 1993 dilemma click here or watch the video below.

In 1995, a professional actor was set up to file fresh charges of more child erotica against Michael Jackson. Turns out he was the one who spe…

Michael Jackson-Streetwalker

Back in 1987, Michael Jackson recorded a Bad Album session which I firmly believe should have been included(or at least released as a single). Yet in favor of "Another Part of Me", "Streetwalker" was forced into the attic with bread and water until 2001. A special addition to "Bad" included two bonuses which included "Fly Away".Just listen to the rhythm and beat of "Streetwalker and you'll know what I mean.

Lyrics | Streetwalker lyrics

Where did Michael Jackson's Moonwalk Originate?

No one really knows. Even The King of Pop admitted to only perfecting this ever evolving dance step. As a matter of fact, Cab Calloway is believed to perform a prototype for a Talkartoon episode(cartoon). Called Minnie the Moocher with Betty Boob from 1932. His group did a little number on the show. A foreshadow of things to come. Watch it Here.

 It wouldn't be until 1955 when Bill Bailey performs a tap-dance that gave us an ever-closer taste of what the moonwalk would be like. You'll see it right at the end of this spectacular tap-dance Here.

 During the 1960's, James Brown(whom Michael idolized) glazed across the stage to pull what eventually became the sideways moonwalk. Or at least some form of it as the guy was so hyper, no one knew what he was actually doing. This was yet a step closer.

 Around the early 80's, Jeffrey Daniels along with the Electric Boogaloos were(and still are) known to do further prototypes which they learned from the indigenous back-streets of B…

Michael Jackson to Perform at the Superbowl

Just a few days before Christmas, KISS 95.7(a California radio station) had an interview with Akon who mentioned some illusive surprise by Michael Jackson for the Superbowl. Further commenting it will be his 2008 comeback.

 I am so proud of him. I hope he shows this generation some talent. Because frankly, today's music just doesn't have it. Since the big boys of Sony's aren't there to blockade him(i.e. Tony Mottola), I think this time he has a real big chance! Let's just hope Akon isn't over-hyping the whole ordeal!

[Update:Unfortunately, Akon did over-spill the beans. He was nowhere to be found(not even on his Thrillicious-Sobe Life commercial)].
Thrillicious Wasn't too impressed with Naomi Campbell's suggestive dancing. Other then that, the lizards were just awesome doing that Thriller dance(nevermind humorous)!

PYT 2008

"PYT 2008" is a bonus track neatly tucked away within The 25th Anniversary of Thriller. Reinterpreted by former Black Eye Peas member Wil.I.Am. Taken from a demo you can find on "The Ultimate Box Collection".

Well at least this time William doesn't sound like a broken record. And I do give him credit for inserting an antiquity fix into the mix. However it's hard to fight the urge to pitch in some lyrics. How he transforms a retro puppy love note into a childhood delinquency. "Cause you lookin' really cute in them jeans
I'll peel 'em off like a tangerine"
(nothing like throwing a fly in the ointment).

Here the 2008 version as well as the original demo for you to decide how well he did.

Song Lyrics

The Girl Is Mine 2008

On January 12th, 2008 the first single was released from the 25th anniversary of Thriller. Which enjoyed modest success on the markets. Though not not nearly as what would have been.

I was not to thrilled from the beginning when Michael Jackson enlisted Wil.I.Am to spearhead "Thriller 25. And I was not too shabby about his spin-off on "The Girl Is Mine. In fact, the Rolling Stone has criticized the former Black Eye Peas member as "Striping away that goofy 'doggone' hook—the whole point of the song". Christopher Rees resorted to an ad hominid by lauding how "he's done a fantastic job of murdering a classic song".

Now just in case you throw me off as all negative, I do have a few positive points. Unfortunately, the smart marketing ploy is to go with the flow. To strike when the iron is hot. However, I think Michael trying both approaches here. While nobody dares mess with his studio albums, Mr. Jackson does have a tradition of monetizing his a…

Wana Be Startin' Somthin' 2008

Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' 2008 is the second single to come shelving off Michael Jackson's catalog album Thriller 25. Akon was called on by Wil.I.Am to help give the original piece a new spin.

Although I will admit Akon has come up with a decent melody, his superseding vocals makes you scratch your head and wonder if if he's the guest star. I believe he should of used the 2008 demo and mixed it in with the official. While giving much more breathing space.(of course non of this remixes contain new vocals).

Now tell me what you think of his reinterpretation? There is no right or wrong answer.

- Akon Lyrics


Radio Edit

Beat It 2008

Beat It 2008 was another added track to the quarter century celebration of the best selling album of all time. Wil.I.Am hired his fellow band mate Fergie to duet with the recorded vocals of Michael Jackson. Based on a demo of the original version.

Now this I can actually swallow! Yes she did seem a bit nervously tough around the edges. But I will give her and Will a few brownie points for keeping Eddie Van Helsing's solo pieced screwed on tight. Circumcising that segment out is like seeing Michael Jordan without his basketball. Out of all the interpretations, this one has the better ability to fuse two generation gaps. Tell me what you think below.

Michael Jackson Feat Fergie - Beat It (2008 Version) (NAM Ed
Uploaded by NAMProds

Beat It 2008


Billie Jean 2008

In honer of Thriller's 25th birthday, Wil.I.Am has enlisted Kayne

West to spearhead the project of reinterpreting Billie Jean. Unlike the other spin-offs, this one is by no means based on a demo.

Now I don't what crossed his mind to completely strip from under Emjay's feet. For one thing it's missing the jelly-that hard knock beat which drove the masses unto the dance floor. As soon as anybody heard those synthetic sounds, you knew Michael Jackson would be the talked about for a half an hour.

Now if there's one thing commend, it would be West's common decency to let the king of Pop reside on his throne. Only a few "Uh-ohs" were unneeded but that's about it. But overall, this interpretation was really unnecessary. Yet the introduction is an exception. Listen below.

Billie Jean 2008 Lyrics

People Always Told Me Be Careful Of What You Do
And Don't Go Around Breaking Young Girls' Hearts
And Mother Always Told Me Be Careful Of Who You Love
And Be C…