Monday, January 14, 2008

The Girl Is Mine 2008

The Girl Is Mine 2008 Single

On January 12th, 2008 the first single was released from the 25th anniversary of Thriller. Which enjoyed modest success on the markets. Though not not nearly as what would have been.

I was not to thrilled from the beginning when Michael Jackson enlisted Wil.I.Am to spearhead "Thriller 25. And I was not too shabby about his spin-off on "The Girl Is Mine. In fact, the Rolling Stone has criticized the former Black Eye Peas member as "Striping away that goofy 'doggone' hook—the whole point of the song". Christopher Rees resorted to an ad hominid by lauding how "he's done a fantastic job of murdering a classic song".

Now just in case you throw me off as all negative, I do have a few positive points. Unfortunately, the smart marketing ploy is to go with the flow. To strike when the iron is hot. However, I think Michael trying both approaches here. While nobody dares mess with his studio albums, Mr. Jackson does have a tradition of monetizing his album tracks in a trendy way.

O.K. Now that I've reviewed the single, It's time for you to decide what you think of Will's interpretation.

Lyrics | The Girls Is Mine 2008 (With Will.I.Am) lyrics

And here is the Club Mix.

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