Friday, January 18, 2008

PYT 2008

"PYT 2008" is a bonus track neatly tucked away within The 25th Anniversary of Thriller. Reinterpreted by former Black Eye Peas member Wil.I.Am. Taken from a demo you can find on "The Ultimate Box Collection".

Well at least this time William doesn't sound like a broken record. And I do give him credit for inserting an antiquity fix into the mix. However it's hard to fight the urge to pitch in some lyrics. How he transforms a retro puppy love note into a childhood delinquency. "Cause you lookin' really cute in them jeans
I'll peel 'em off like a tangerine"
(nothing like throwing a fly in the ointment).

Here the 2008 version as well as the original demo for you to decide how well he did.

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