Sunday, January 27, 2008

Michael Jackson to Perform at the Superbowl

 Just a few days before Christmas, KISS 95.7(a California radio station) had an interview with Akon who mentioned some illusive surprise by Michael Jackson for the Superbowl. Further commenting it will be his 2008 comeback.

 I am so proud of him. I hope he shows this generation some talent. Because frankly, today's music just doesn't have it. Since the big boys of Sony's aren't there to blockade him(i.e. Tony Mottola), I think this time he has a real big chance! Let's just hope Akon isn't over-hyping the whole ordeal!

[Update:Unfortunately, Akon did over-spill the beans. He was nowhere to be found(not even on his Thrillicious-Sobe Life commercial)].


 Wasn't too impressed with Naomi Campbell's suggestive dancing. Other then that, the lizards were just awesome doing that Thriller dance(nevermind humorous)!

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