Where did Michael Jackson's Moonwalk Originate?

 No one really knows. Even The King of Pop admitted to only perfecting this ever evolving dance step. As a matter of fact, Cab Calloway is believed to perform a prototype for a Talkartoon episode(cartoon). Called Minnie the Moocher with Betty Boob from 1932. His group did a little number on the show. A foreshadow of things to come. Watch it Here.

 It wouldn't be until 1955 when Bill Bailey performs a tap-dance that gave us an ever-closer taste of what the moonwalk would be like. You'll see it right at the end of this spectacular tap-dance Here.

 During the 1960's, James Brown(whom Michael idolized) glazed across the stage to pull what eventually became the sideways moonwalk. Or at least some form of it as the guy was so hyper, no one knew what he was actually doing. This was yet a step closer.

 Around the early 80's, Jeffrey Daniels along with the Electric Boogaloos were(and still are) known to do further prototypes which they learned from the indigenous back-streets of Britain(known commonly as the Backslide). That is also where Michael(then in his early 20's) received his inspiration. I'd like to call him the forerunner to Motown: Yesterday, Today, Forever. You can watch it on Shalamar: A Night To Remember.

 Although both Michael and Jeffrey learned the technique independently, they both eventually met and worked together on a few projects including "Smooth Criminal and "Bad".

 Michael officially made the Backslide known to the public eye across the world. Tearing down MTV's wall of partition! Taking the move from a four-step break-dance to an umbrella gravity-defying stunt. An illusion of walking backwards. It can even be so complicated as to twisting around in a semi-circle while creating the illusion. Now, for the moment that started it all. Here is the very first Michael Jackson Moonwalk...

 Ever since Motown 25, Michael Jackson has brought forth new innovations to The table. The most famous being the treadmill walk(the illusion of walking while staying in the same location) on his signature film Smooth Criminal. Another example would be the "Turnover Spin(mentioned above).

 Although in the truest sense, Michael by no means invented the Moonwalk. He most certainly brought it to the next level. Eventually finding a spot on The Guinness World Book of Records as the worlds most famous dance step!

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