Wednesday, January 30, 2008

False Allegations Against the King of Pop

Since those 1993 allegations made headlines, Michael Jackson's reputation has been shattered to that of a pedophile who's fame has excused him from serving jail time. Yet, when you take the time and look through the facts, you'll soon discover something very fishy is going on.

It appears Michael Jackson has been the victim of a few well-thought out conspiracies. Though no evidence points to a mass cabal. Yet there is quite a bit of substantial evidence pointing to a few perpetrators with a full-blown lust for money and power. From Thomas Sneddon, Jordan Chandler's father, and most recently the Arvizo family. Everybody wanted a piece of that mans pie. The one who became the most wealthiest entertainer of all time!
To find out the whole unbiased truth of what led up to the infamous 1993 dilemma click here or watch the video below.

In 1995, a professional actor was set up to file fresh charges of more child erotica against Michael Jackson. Turns out he was the one who spent time in juvenile. Watch below...

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