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B-Side Mixes

Instead of rehashing the same ol B-sides like he did during the 80's, Michael Jackson opted to hire a handful of DJ's to remix a few golden nuggets from the Off The Wall and Thriller sessions. Many of these remixes can be found on various Dangerous Era singles. Even the Target edition of Thriller 25 has a few of these mixes tucked away inside.
Below is a comprehensive list of MJ's official remixes from his back catalog...

Don't Stop Til' You Get Enough1. Rodger's Underground Solution

2. Masters At Work

Rock With You1. Masters At Work

2. Frankie Knuckles Radio Edit

Off The Wall1. Junior Vasquez Remix

Thriller1. 1982 Def Mix

Beat It1. Moby's Sub Mix

Billie Jean1. Underground Mix

2. 1982 Club Mix


Stay tuned for part 10-The Scream Mixes!

In Search of Neverland-An Overview

Ever wondered who was behind the scenes in purchasing Michael Jackson's grand abode? You know, that ranch named after the place where his favorite Disney mascot lived? Well, allow me to reveal Neverland's real estate agent-Ms. Berlin and her very own autobiographical sketch "In Search of Neverland"!
The Broker Who Made It Happen Gloria Rhodes Berlin first started out as a Hollywood actress as a budding youth with Elisabeth Taylor. Since that didn't work out the way she planned, Gloria moved on towards journalism. Dissatisfied with that profession, she endeavored through the waters of celebrity real estate with her husband in Southern California-together they established Merlin Land Investment Corp.

 This career maneuver ultimately set her up to become the agent for "The Sale of The Century" The broker who made it happen!
Michael Jackson-In Search of Neverland Gloria Berlin shares her account of the transaction that transpired one winter afternoon in 198…

Michael Jackson Remixes Pt. 9

Now that the sounds have evolved heading into the mid-90's, Mr. Jackson accordingly adjusted. Hiring such a plethora of new DJ's into his fold. These mix masters included Dallas Austin, Deep Dish, David Morales, The Basement Boys, Refugee Camp, Jam & Lewis, Fire Island, Hani, DJ Greek, Jon B, Tony Moran, Georgie Porgie, Mouse T, Naughty By Nature, UBQ, Tod Terry, and last but not least R. Kelly. In addition, a few mixers from Jackson's last session were invited for round 2. Frankie Knuckles, Marice Joshua, and Track Masters did their share of remixes for The History Sessions.

Stay tuned next time for a few track remixes to Off The Wall and Thriller albums[Edit: Remixes now Up]. We will also continue our tour through the History mixes. Starting with the first selection-Scream[Edit: The Scream Mixes are now up]!

 Don't forget I'm doing a Michael Jackson book review which should be done real shortly[edit: In Search of Neverland now Up]. In The Meantime, check ou…

Michael Jackson Remixes Pt. 8

Dangerous was to be the tenth and final single to come off of it's eponymous album. Yet a few complications(including Those infamous allegations) prompted Sony with no choice but to cancel the project.

 On top of the album track itself(or at least a single edit), the B-side was to contain an "Extended Version", an "Alternate Version"(a.k.a "The Early Version" now on "The Michael Jackson Box Set"), and a few remixes by Roger Sanchez. Most notably "Rogers Rough Dub".
Below are the three mixes The S Man did for Mr. Jackson...

1. Rogers Dangerous Club Mix
2. Rogers Dangerous Edit(Same as above)
3. Rogers Rough Dub

 That concludes our journey though The Dangerous Mixes! Stay tuned for a few remixed classics from the Off The Wall and Thriller eras.

P.S.Also stay tuned in the next week or two as I'll be reviewing a book I've just received entitled "In Search of Neverland". You won't want to miss it!

Michael Jackson Remixes Pt. 7

"Moby(Richard Melville Hall)", "Brothers In Rhythm(Steve Anderson and Dave Seaman)", "Track Masters(Jean Claude Olivier and Samuel Barnes also known affectionately as Poke & Tone)", and a few other prominent DJ's of the era. Each imparted their own mix to MJ's hit Who Is It. Most of which can be found on a few CD Maxis like This One. Each remix includes the following...
IHS MixP-Man DubTribal VersionLakeside DubMoby's Raw Mercy DubPatience MixPatience BeatsThe Most Patient Mix & EditBrothers Cool DubBrothers In Rhythm House Mix & 7"Brotherly DubPhenom's Mix
Stay tuned for part 8!

Michael Jackson Remixes Pt. 6

:After producing their smash hit "Everybody Dance Now", Robert Manual Clivilles and David B. Cole teamed up to remix the Dangerous single debut Black Or White. Together they are known as "Clivilles & Cole" or alternately "C+C Music Factory". MJ specifically called on this duo to exclusively add their own flavor to the album track. The results are five C+C interpretations.
The Clivillés & Cole House/Club MixThe Clivillés & Cole House/Dub MixClivillés & Cole Radio MixHouse With Guitar Radio MixUnderground Club MixTribal Beats
Stay tuned for part 7!

**Update** The Who Is It Mixes are now up!