Michael Jackson Remixes Pt. 7

 "Moby(Richard Melville Hall)", "Brothers In Rhythm(Steve Anderson and Dave Seaman)", "Track Masters(Jean Claude Olivier and Samuel Barnes also known affectionately as Poke & Tone)", and a few other prominent DJ's of the era. Each imparted their own mix to MJ's hit Who Is It. Most of which can be found on a few CD Maxis like This OneWho Is It CD Maxi. Each remix includes the following...

  1. IHS Mix
  2. P-Man Dub
  3. Tribal Version
  4. Lakeside Dub
  5. Moby's Raw Mercy Dub
  6. Patience Mix
  7. Patience Beats
  8. The Most Patient Mix & Edit
  9. Brothers Cool Dub
  10. Brothers In Rhythm House Mix & 7"
  11. Brotherly Dub
  12. Phenom's Mix

Stay tuned for part 8!

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