Michael Jackson Remixes Pt. 8

 Dangerous was to be the tenth and final single to come off of it's eponymous album. Yet a few complications(including Those infamous allegations) prompted Sony with no choice but to cancel the project.

 On top of the album track itself(or at least a single edit), the B-side was to contain an "Extended Version", an "Alternate Version"(a.k.a "The Early Version" now on "The Michael Jackson Box Set"), and a few remixes by Roger Sanchez. Most notably "Rogers Rough Dub".
Below are the three mixes The S Man did for Mr. Jackson...

1. Rogers Dangerous Club Mix
2. Rogers Dangerous Edit(Same as above)
3. Rogers Rough Dub

 That concludes our journey though The Dangerous Mixes! Stay tuned for a few remixed classics from the Off The Wall and Thriller eras.

P.S.Also stay tuned in the next week or two as I'll be reviewing a book I've just received entitled "In Search of Neverland". You won't want to miss it!

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