Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Michael Jackson Remixes Pt. 6

 :After producing their smash hit "Everybody Dance Now", Robert Manual Clivilles and David B. Cole teamed up to remix the Dangerous single debut Black Or White. Together they are known as "Clivilles & Cole" or alternately "C+C Music Factory". MJ specifically called on this duo to exclusively add their own flavor to the album track. The results are five C+C interpretations.
  1. The Clivillés & Cole House/Club Mix
  2. The Clivillés & Cole House/Dub Mix
  3. Clivillés & Cole Radio Mix
  4. House With Guitar Radio Mix
  5. Underground Club Mix
  6. Tribal Beats

Stay tuned for part 7!

**Update** The Who Is It Mixes are now up!

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