WDW Welcomes Back Captain Eo!

The new sign that'll promote Michael Jackson's Captain Eo attraction! I have great news for all you Captain Eo freaks east of The Mississippi Delta! Disney has just announced a come-back of the film...Set to premier on July 2nd! If you live all the way on the other side of the world, not to worry. Cause Eo will visit Tokyo(June 30th) and Paris(June 12th) as well!

 The unprecedented success after it's debut at Disneyland California has prompted Disney officials to spread the love around the world! Furthermore, they confirm the 3D spectacular will remain for an undetermined amount of time-Yet not forever. Eventually, either Honey, I Shrunk The Audience or something altogether new will eventually replace the attraction a couple of years down the road.

 But hopefully they'll keep bringing the magic back again and again as a tribute to not only Michael Jackson but also George Lucas(Disney, if you ever expand upon this project, make sure he's on board...hint hint).

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