Sunday, May 23, 2010

In Search of Neverland-An Overview

 Ever wondered who was behind the scenes in purchasing Michael Jackson's grand abode? You know, that ranch named after the place where his favorite Disney mascot lived? Well, allow me to reveal Neverland's real estate agent-Ms. Berlin and her very own autobiographical sketch "In Search of Neverland"!

The Broker Who Made It Happen

 Gloria Rhodes Berlin first started out as a Hollywood actress as a budding youth with Elisabeth Taylor. Since that didn't work out the way she planned, Gloria moved on towards journalism. Dissatisfied with that profession, she endeavored through the waters of celebrity real estate with her husband in Southern California-together they established Merlin Land Investment Corp.

 This career maneuver ultimately set her up to become the agent for "The Sale of The Century" The broker who made it happen!

Michael Jackson-In Search of Neverland

 Gloria Berlin shares her account of the transaction that transpired one winter afternoon in 1988. Going deeper into the origins of Sycamore Valley Ranch and it's associations with Bill Bone. Yet the biographical sketch goes beyond that! She shares with you first hand the journey they both took in finding this lush paradise-searching long and hard for "The home of his dreams".

 Mrs. Berlin even chronicles her own tales of their long-standing companionship. Since she was one of the few he could really trust, Michael intimately opens up on many subjects spanning from faith and philosophy.

 Although she has a slight tendency to repeat herself. However, unlike authors like Kevin Trudeau, this in no way ruins the experience nor the enjoyment in learning something new about the King of Pop!

 If your aching to learn more about Michael Jackson's personal candid side-away from the strobe lights. Then I'd encourage you to grab a copy of Gloria Berlins in book! Revealing the reason and what ultimately led him to purchase Neverland Valley Ranch in Santa Ynez, California!

Update: I did an interview with Gloria Rhodes herself. Click Here to check it out!

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