Saturday, March 27, 2010

Another Part of Me-Stripped Down

 Here is the acappella version of Michael Jackson's hit Another Part of Me. Pre-released for his Disney attraction Captain Eo and for the eponymous single and Bad Album.

 On this track, only the words "Another Part of Me" and a few ab-libs(including "ooh ooh") were over-dubbed with his own background vocals. The rest of the track was done single-handedly!

 Since you can still hear the Clave' Clap-Stick(also done be Michael Jackson), I wouldn't technically call it acappella. But more of the stripped-down variety(I wonder if there's a name for half-strippers?).

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Part of Me-Instrumental

 And here is a vocally-stripped-down(instrumental) version of Michael Jackson's #1 hit(1988) Another Part of Me. Revealed in all it's authenticity!

 Stay tuned for the acappella version as we continue on the series of MJ's remixes, demos, and strip-downs. As for now, enjoy the instrumental...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Another Part Of Me Extended Dance Mix

 The Bad Mixes truly ascend head and shoulders above the rest...And Another Part of Me is no different.

 Starting at 3:53 the track takes on a whole new dimension! With that classic 80's synthesizer we've all come to relish. Clearly Quincy was the best producer Michael Jackson ever had in his career!
Check it out below...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Way You Make Me Feel Acappella

 Ever wonder how Michael Jackson sounded without the bells and whistles of "The Way You Make Me Feel"? Are you dieing for another example of MJ at his finest vocally-You know those raw, buoyant, krispy cream vocal chords of his?

 You know, there are many who've told the tale of how astronomically well Mr. Jackson could sing behind closed doors-In the studio! Even though he over-dubbed a few songs(strictly for harmonization), many have wondered why he choose to mime occasionally on stage(mainly during The History Tour). Some maintain he had Laryngitis(which is true to an extent). I believe it to be due to his Discoid Lupus(a condition known to inflame the lungs among other connective tissues of the body). It could very well have affected his vocal chords. But regardless of the cause, it's beyond speculation that Michael Jackson has a magnificent vocal talent and can floor the critics any day!

Now let's listen to the king himself as he sings "The Way You Make Me Feel"-Unplugged!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Jam E-Smoove's Jazzy Jam

 Eric Miller(aka E-Smoove) cast his own interpretation on Michael Jackson's #1 single Jam. Fused with a little bit of Hip-hop, House, and Jazz. The result was a signature remix dubbed with his own name "E-Smoove's Jazzy Jam"!
He also did a remix for Remember The Time called "E-Smoove's Late Nite Mix".

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jam-Atlanta Techno Mix

 This ones been remixed by an unknown House DJ from Atlanta. But at least we know he was one of the select few who jockeyed Michael Jackson's Dangerous Sessions-Specifically Jam! Currently, two versions have come out of his mixing turntables. "Atlanta Techno Mix"(below) and "Atlanta Techno Dub". Both are meant for the Techno enthusiasts!

Jam Silky 12"

 The "Silky 12" Mix"(including a shortened "7" Mix" and "Dubbed" remix) of "Jam" was crafted and engineered by Steve Silk Hurley(hence the name). Originally a New York House DJ who rose to prominence in the early 90's. He was selected either by Michael Jackson(or Sony themselves) to spit out his own take on the album track.

 In addition to "Jam", he also contributed three mixes for "Remember The Time. Also by his nick name "Silky".

The Execs Strike A New Deal With Sony

 Just recently(March 16th, 2010), John Branca has renewed a contract with Sony for a whopping 200 million dollars! The agreement lasts for 7 years with 10 projects-Including the release of a new studio album late this year(finally)!

 Personally, I am very thralled at the prospect. And am sooo looking forward to some new Michael Jackson music(especially his latest studio project)! Yet I do have my doubts. Let me illustrate through pros and cons.

The Pros

 As I already mentioned, new music is on the way! Including a re-release of Off The Wall with tons of juicy outtakes! But what's kept fans waiting so desperately is for that new album which'll hit stores this November! Michael has recorded up to 60 songs from 2006-09.

 Another thing. Both Sony and the executives plainly admit there's a lot of worthy outtakes in Michael's vault to last us years to come! Plus there's other projects(like concert vintages, video games, etc.) on the table!

The Cons

Although to be fair Tony Mortolla has since stepped down in 2003. However, some still fear both Branca and McClain still have some form of conflict of interest with Sony. According to This, both executors are not too shabby for the job. But that was then and people do change. So I'll give the benefit of the doubt(since Kathrine now approves of them).

 Furthermore, I have a feeling we might see a few re-re-releases to milk the cow. Their latest project with This Is It was a complete joke(considering the hype they generated). But as long as there's just as much good quality never-before-released material, I won't mind one bit.


 Weather or not the executors are spotless, I sincerely hope The Estate has made the right choice in renewing a contract with Sony Music.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jam-Rodger's Jeep Mix

 This remix of Michael Jackson's smash number "Jam" was done by Rodger Sanchez. He also did follow up "Jam" interpretations such as "Rodger's Club Mix"(including it's "Dub" and "Radio" cousins), "Rodger's Underground Mix", and "Rodger's Slam Jam Mix". "The S Man" has also contributed remixes such as "Rodger's Underground Solution"(his own early 90's spin on "Don't Stop Til' You Get Enough) and "Rodger's Rough Dub"(for the song ""Dangerous").

 There is also an condensed version of this remix called "Rodger's Jeep Radio Mix" floating around somewhere in the netisphere.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jam-Rodger's Club Mix

 A Club remix by DJ Rodger Sanchez of Michael Jackson's #1 hit "Jam"! At least three versions are known to exist. "Rodger's Club Mix", "Club Dub", and Club Radio Mix". Other "Jam" mixes include "Rodger's Jeep Mix(and "Radio Mix"), "Underground Mix", and "Slam Jam Mix". He also spat his own interpretations to "Don't Stop Til' You Get Enough" and the tune "Dangerous" with Rodger's Underground Solution and "Rodger's Rough Dub". This is his second project with Michael Jackson overall.

Teddy's Jam

 Here is Teddy Riley's own interpretation into Michael Jackson's smash hit Jam. Also known simply as "Teddy's Jam"(not to be confused with a similarly-titled track for "The Guy").

 I wasn't very fond of this remix. For one thing, the synths and instrumentation did not go concrete smooth with his vocals. At least the organ synthesizer could have been executed much better. Taking the master track and infusing it with a classical punch! After all, isn't that what New Jack Swing is all about?

 Overall, I was a bit disappointed, but tell me in your own words how You felt about it.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Way You Make Me Feel-Extended Dance Mix

 If you've ever wondered what the Extended Dance Mix of The Way You Make Me Feel is like, well I have it right here! Released only as part of a companion for Monster Cable. Namely The Bad Mixes-A 13 track promo released in 1988.

 The remix stripes down half-way through. However, the sound is somewhat similar to The Instrumental Version. I will take this any day over the official version! Listen below...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An Instrumental to "The Way You Make Me Feel"

 Included with the single to "The Way You Make Me Feel" is a revealing instrumental. An intricate piece of art originating from the mind of Michael Jackson!

 It's pretty obvious a lot of recording sessions had the volume cranked way up there(hence the slight sizzling in the background). Listening to the track(with the vocals scraped) gives new insight on what went into the song.

 As you can see, the percussion, brass, chords, and keys were all meticulously chosen and crafted to make one heck of a Pop sensation! Most strikingly, the Bass Guitar was well chosen.

How about you. Do you enjoy listening to Michael Jackson unplugged?

[Note-I've just realized this is not the true instrumental but the dub version with the vocals scratched out. Currently, it can only be found on The Single My apologies]

Monday, March 08, 2010

A Wicked Bad Remix!

 Bound to become my all-time favorite Michael Jackson remix. In August of 87' Smelly and Q-Ball farted around while recording the song Bad and seemingly wound up with this remix! Obviously a lot of hard work and dedication went into producing this goldmine!

 "Skies The Limit" has a much better commentary on what went into the production of "Bad"(way better then The Instrumental) as each chord, brass note, and drumbeat is more distinct. Revealing how authentic MJ's recordings really were back in the 80's. Click Here a somewhat similar remix.
I'm serious! This is a must-hear for all you Michael Jackson fans(weather die-hard or just plain love his music types)!!!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Bad Dub Version

 Here is the "Dub Version of Michael Jackson's blockbuster hit Bad.

 According to Teddy Riley, Michael always wanted every sequence to be at least partially live(the exception would be most of Invincible and its of Blood On The Dance Floor). Yes, there would be a lot of computer synthesizers. But like any talented artist, they were mostly used for effect and to document a sound stuck in Michael's head. Based on that tune, he would hire engineers(mainly Bruce Sweden) and jam secessionists(e.g. Jerry Jay, Brad Buxer) to reproduce the bit in a more authentic setting to mix in with the already digitally produced sound. Depending on MJ's taste, the engineer would go back and add a few extra subtle bits.

Anyways, enjoy the dubbed instrumental to "Bad".

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Bad Acappella Version

 I'm not to sure about this being an official version of Bad acappella or if an amateur stripped his vocals from the album version. Suffice it to say, I did enjoy the background vocal harmonization.

 However, I'd much rather prefer a complete strip-down to just his vocals(the true meaning of acappella). Instead of letting one instrument off the radar.

 But I have a strong feeling The Estate will an album full of never before heard acappella's from Michael Jackson! Hopefully something to look forward to in 2011.

Just a thought.;)

 [I've found a link to hear it in much Better Quality]!

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