The Way You Make Me Feel Acappella

 Ever wonder how Michael Jackson sounded without the bells and whistles of "The Way You Make Me Feel"? Are you dieing for another example of MJ at his finest vocally-You know those raw, buoyant, krispy cream vocal chords of his?

 You know, there are many who've told the tale of how astronomically well Mr. Jackson could sing behind closed doors-In the studio! Even though he over-dubbed a few songs(strictly for harmonization), many have wondered why he choose to mime occasionally on stage(mainly during The History Tour). Some maintain he had Laryngitis(which is true to an extent). I believe it to be due to his Discoid Lupus(a condition known to inflame the lungs among other connective tissues of the body). It could very well have affected his vocal chords. But regardless of the cause, it's beyond speculation that Michael Jackson has a magnificent vocal talent and can floor the critics any day!

Now let's listen to the king himself as he sings "The Way You Make Me Feel"-Unplugged!

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