Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Execs Strike A New Deal With Sony

 Just recently(March 16th, 2010), John Branca has renewed a contract with Sony for a whopping 200 million dollars! The agreement lasts for 7 years with 10 projects-Including the release of a new studio album late this year(finally)!

 Personally, I am very thralled at the prospect. And am sooo looking forward to some new Michael Jackson music(especially his latest studio project)! Yet I do have my doubts. Let me illustrate through pros and cons.

The Pros

 As I already mentioned, new music is on the way! Including a re-release of Off The Wall with tons of juicy outtakes! But what's kept fans waiting so desperately is for that new album which'll hit stores this November! Michael has recorded up to 60 songs from 2006-09.

 Another thing. Both Sony and the executives plainly admit there's a lot of worthy outtakes in Michael's vault to last us years to come! Plus there's other projects(like concert vintages, video games, etc.) on the table!

The Cons

Although to be fair Tony Mortolla has since stepped down in 2003. However, some still fear both Branca and McClain still have some form of conflict of interest with Sony. According to This, both executors are not too shabby for the job. But that was then and people do change. So I'll give the benefit of the doubt(since Kathrine now approves of them).

 Furthermore, I have a feeling we might see a few re-re-releases to milk the cow. Their latest project with This Is It was a complete joke(considering the hype they generated). But as long as there's just as much good quality never-before-released material, I won't mind one bit.


 Weather or not the executors are spotless, I sincerely hope The Estate has made the right choice in renewing a contract with Sony Music.

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