An Instrumental to "The Way You Make Me Feel"

 Included with the single to "The Way You Make Me Feel" is a revealing instrumental. An intricate piece of art originating from the mind of Michael Jackson!

 It's pretty obvious a lot of recording sessions had the volume cranked way up there(hence the slight sizzling in the background). Listening to the track(with the vocals scraped) gives new insight on what went into the song.

 As you can see, the percussion, brass, chords, and keys were all meticulously chosen and crafted to make one heck of a Pop sensation! Most strikingly, the Bass Guitar was well chosen.

How about you. Do you enjoy listening to Michael Jackson unplugged?

[Note-I've just realized this is not the true instrumental but the dub version with the vocals scratched out. Currently, it can only be found on The Single My apologies]

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