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Former Employee Tells Mr. Jackson To Pay Up

Just when you thought the John Landis's case was the only fly in the ointment. Michael Jackson's former manager-Raymone Bain sues the pop super star for an astonishing $44 million dollars! She claims the 50 year old hmoonwalker as not kept his side of the bargain. In this case, owing her 10% on profits generated by deals she supposedly had the most influence over.

Her claims can be read in more exhaustive detail over Here and Here...

Since we don't know the whole story(from both sides of the equation), I'd rather wait until the verdict is in. Yet a recently outrageous remark from her spokesman seriously leaves her claim in jeopardy. As someone who's turned from the straight and narrow unto the almighty dollar.

"Location is a gated property. No one answered me on the intercom. Armed guards came to the gate and asked me to identify myself, which I did as a registered California process server. The guards then told me to 'get the freak(censored) outta here&#…

Official Behind The Scenes Look At The Michael Jackson Trial

Well folks!

It has just come to my attention that Mr. Jackson is planning to release an in-depth look into The Michael Jackson Trail from every angle possible.

From the crafty yet tongue-tied Arvizo family to Martin Bashir's cowering behind the California Shield(even Thomas Snedden's vicious vendetta), this new documentary contains shocking scenarios and never-before-scene footage on what really took place between those fateful 5 months during The Trial of The Century.

There will be exclusive interviews by Thomas Mesereau, Aphrodite Jones(the author of The Michael Jackson Conspiracy), Terry Lewis, and even his elder brother Jermaine Jackson among many other special guests! The set is due to go on sale(in DVD format) on July 6th-Just in time to kick off the concerts at the O2 Arena!

My thinking is that T.V. stations from around the world will want to purchase and air the documentary for all to see(very similar to what happened with a documentary during the trial). But we'…

Did Michael Jackson Let His Fans Down?

Recently, it has come to my knowledge that a few that would open up a long string of concerts dubbed This Is It! have been reassigned new dates. Some not so bad(from July 8th to July 13th). While others won't get a chance to see their idol until early March(the 10th, 12th, and 14th have been driven back to March 1st, 3ed, and 6th. The reasons given are purely technical as opposed to health concerns.

Stage personnel just simply don't have enough time to prepare for what will become the most spectacular show ever witnessed! In order to make sure all 50 gigs get their monies worth, it was necessary to make these changes. Yet according to Phillips "no other dates will be affected by this drastic measure".

Kenny Ortega and Randy Phillips explain in a more down to Earth fashion over at Michael Jackson Live.

Fan Reactions On Rebookings
Many fans have spoken outrage at the sudden change of events. Feared rebooking fees for both travel and accommodations has left quite a few labe…

Ed Alonzo Confirmed "This Is It!" Magician!

According to E! Online, Michael Jackson has a few tricks up his sleeve. Ed Alonso(a renown magician) has just confirmed aiding the pop star in the most anticipated comeback in history! It's not clear if he'll accompany the Gloved One throughout his 50 sold-out dates at the O2 Arena(formally known as the Millennium Dome). But according to Ed himself...
"I met with Michael Jackson a couple of days ago and am now officially creating magic and illusions for his concert," "I will not be performing in the show as I do with Britney. I'm just creating the magic that Michael has requested in his vision."

In the past, Michael has created a few subtle illusions while on tour. Sigfield and Roy have even helped him out behind the scenes during the Bad Album Tour. As a gesture of gratitude, Mr. Jackson recorded and submitted a track for their 1995 soundtrack album "Dreams And Illusions" called Mind Is The Magic.

This time around, Ed Alonzo will help spice-u…

The Man Behind This Is It!

Just a few days ago it was confirmed Kenny Ortega will be the man behind the most anticipated event of the year! From the delicate design of the stage and technological details to the spectacular lighting and special effects, Mr. Ortega vows to make this an unforgettable experience-Deemed to resurrect Michael Jackson back into the limelight!


Kenny Who?
Kenny Ortega is a choreographer who's worked on such films like "Dirty Dancing, Madonna's "Material Girl", ABC Family's "The Gilmore Girl's" and many more through the 80's and 90's. But most recently he's worked with Disney on producing firms for High School Musical" and "The Cheetah Girls".

Kenny Ortega was also behind the production of The Dangerous Tour and The History Tour. Yet there's nothing to worry about. The concert series will be totally fresh! Michael has just hired 10 brand new back-dancers. Besides, Randy Philips has just confirmed these concerts…

My Computer Has The Swine Flu:(

Hi guys,

O.K. Not exactly...But as you may have noticed, I've been absent over the past week due to infectious redirect worms and bad DSL connections. I apologize if I haven't responded to any of your comments. Hopefully sometime this week I'll get back to providing you with more juicy tid-bits on the one and only Michael Jackson! So ta-ta for now!:)