Monday, May 18, 2009

Ed Alonzo Confirmed "This Is It!" Magician!

According to E! Online, Michael Jackson has a few tricks up his sleeve. Ed Alonso(a renown magician) has just confirmed aiding the pop star in the most anticipated comeback in history! It's not clear if he'll accompany the Gloved One throughout his 50 sold-out dates at the O2 Arena(formally known as the Millennium Dome). But according to Ed himself...
"I met with Michael Jackson a couple of days ago and am now officially creating magic and illusions for his concert," "I will not be performing in the show as I do with Britney. I'm just creating the magic that Michael has requested in his vision."

In the past, Michael has created a few subtle illusions while on tour. Sigfield and Roy have even helped him out behind the scenes during the Bad Album Tour. As a gesture of gratitude, Mr. Jackson recorded and submitted a track for their 1995 soundtrack album "Dreams And Illusions" called Mind Is The Magic.

This time around, Ed Alonzo will help spice-up the show with a reported two full routines!
"Michael has two routines in mind so far using magic elements that I am creating." "I have to show him a demo of the effects next week. Then the props are to be built and he will start rehearsals. I will teach him the effects and help in staging them."

Ed Alonzo is the man behind the 1989/90 premier of "Saved By The Bell". He has created illusionary stunts for various music artists and movie directors as well. Including Britteny Spear's Circus Tour.

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