Friday, May 22, 2009

Did Michael Jackson Let His Fans Down?

Recently, it has come to my knowledge that a few that would open up a long string of concerts dubbed This Is It! have been reassigned new dates. Some not so bad(from July 8th to July 13th). While others won't get a chance to see their idol until early March(the 10th, 12th, and 14th have been driven back to March 1st, 3ed, and 6th. The reasons given are purely technical as opposed to health concerns.

Stage personnel just simply don't have enough time to prepare for what will become the most spectacular show ever witnessed! In order to make sure all 50 gigs get their monies worth, it was necessary to make these changes. Yet according to Phillips "no other dates will be affected by this drastic measure".

Kenny Ortega and Randy Phillips explain in a more down to Earth fashion over at Michael Jackson Live.

Fan Reactions On Rebookings

Many fans have spoken outrage at the sudden change of events. Feared rebooking fees for both travel and accommodations has left quite a few labeling AEG incompetent...

And I wouldn't blame them. They have every right to get angry. Not so much with AEG but more with the greed among the hotel and airline industries. I mean, how dare you charge a rebooking fee and tell me I need insurgence just to change my reservations! "Let's take em for every cent they got hiccup."

What gets me even more is how people just accept it as how it is. There's even been a case in Memphis where she has to pay for both a flight that's not gonna happen on top of another rescheduled booking. Obviously, that right there is thievery! If I were her, I would go to the BBB or better yet post it on Youtube and let there be a viral effect which'll get em where it hurts the most. That way they'll be forced to stop these ridiculous policies that only benefit their end-line.:)

In the meantime, I have some great news! The folks over at MJJC are will to help out in any way they can(by negotiating with flight and accomodations(for those who've previously made arrangements to not have to pay another cent). Just give them your...

  1. Your real name and forum Username

  2. The Name of the airline you've booked.

  3. As well as the hotel your staying at

Go to This Link to join the messageboard to get a little help from your friends.

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