Official Behind The Scenes Look At The Michael Jackson Trial

The cover to the new Michael Jackson Trial DVD

Well folks!

It has just come to my attention that Mr. Jackson is planning to release an in-depth look into The Michael Jackson Trail from every angle possible.

From the crafty yet tongue-tied Arvizo family to Martin Bashir's cowering behind the California Shield(even Thomas Snedden's vicious vendetta), this new documentary contains shocking scenarios and never-before-scene footage on what really took place between those fateful 5 months during The Trial of The Century.

There will be exclusive interviews by Thomas Mesereau, Aphrodite Jones(the author of The Michael Jackson Conspiracy), Terry Lewis, and even his elder brother Jermaine Jackson among many other special guests! The set is due to go on sale(in DVD format) on July 6th-Just in time to kick off the concerts at the O2 Arena!

My thinking is that T.V. stations from around the world will want to purchase and air the documentary for all to see(very similar to what happened with a documentary during the trial). But we'll just have to wait and see-Won't we.

As to the fan-based documentary(released sometime just after being pronounced "Not Guilty)...A few scenes might be borrowed from that set yet in no way is it going to be a rehash of any kind.

This real life documentary will prove once and for all that Michael Jackson was indeed set up by various scoundrels all in it for the money!

Source:Michael Jackson Blog(a.k.a. Leslie's blog on Michael Jackson).

[Unfortunately due to his unexpected tragic death,the documentary has been post-poned until further notice.

*Update*-The MJ Doco has just been released since August 11th!]

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