Thursday, May 28, 2009

Former Employee Tells Mr. Jackson To Pay Up

Just when you thought the John Landis's case was the only fly in the ointment. Michael Jackson's former manager-Raymone Bain sues the pop super star for an astonishing $44 million dollars! She claims the 50 year old hmoonwalker as not kept his side of the bargain. In this case, owing her 10% on profits generated by deals she supposedly had the most influence over.

Her claims can be read in more exhaustive detail over Here and Here...

Since we don't know the whole story(from both sides of the equation), I'd rather wait until the verdict is in. Yet a recently outrageous remark from her spokesman seriously leaves her claim in jeopardy. As someone who's turned from the straight and narrow unto the almighty dollar.

"Location is a gated property. No one answered me on the intercom. Armed guards came to the gate and asked me to identify myself, which I did as a registered California process server. The guards then told me to 'get the freak(censored) outta here'!"-said Michael L. Smith.

Granted. It's possible Mr. Smith ran off to make this sensational claim(against her wishes). Yet this sounds far to common to a claim Julian apparently make a few months back. Making Making The Gloved One out to be Al Capone.

It appears some sort of falling out happened between the two as of late. Her contract with Mr.Jackson ended somewhere in 2007 and Dr. Tom Tom has replaced her as his new spokesman. She insists that the London gigs, Thriller 25, and Michael's various settlements were all due to her efforts and she wants her share of the 02 pie!

A hearing(which was originally scheduled for May 19th)will take place shortly. I'll keep you updated on the latest findings on this case to set the facts straight.

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