Monday, June 01, 2009

The Michael Jackson Spin-Offs

Spanning over 43 years, Michael Jackson has collaborated with numerous artists. From the very Funky Sly And The Family Stone to the big shots of today(a.k.a. Akon, Temperton, etc)! Tonight, I hope to give you a short in depth analysis on each one. Let's begin our quest within the years prier to Off The Wall.

Michael Jackson Bubblegum Era

The Jackson Five covered two hits by "Sly And The Family Stone" in 1970 on a live album titled "Motown At The Hollywood Palace". "Sing A Simple Song" and "Can You Remember" both preceded "I Want You Back-One of four #1 hits by the emerging Jackson Brothers!

The following year saw them performing on Diana's self-titled T.V. show with two medleys that included "Walk On By" and "Feelin' Alright". The songs can be found on her soundtrack "Diana".

As Jermaine embarked upon a solo career, his debut album featured a track titled "That's How Love Goes" with The Jackson 5 singing along in the background. That same year Little Michael found a spot on "A Motown Christmas" compilation with the hit "Little Christmas Tree".

The very next year Stevie Wonder featured these growing boys on his album "Fulfillingness' First Finale". You Haven't Done Nothin' is during the time period when Michael's voice started to crack.

Look out for my post on the second installment of Michael's many forgotten collaborations. Stay tuned!

[Note: Part 2 is now available]

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