The Michael Jackson Spin-Offs Continued

So far, we've covered collaborations from The Jackson 5 Era. Now let's take a look at what Michael Jackson was up to during The Jacksons Era and his very first adult sole album Off The Wall.

We all know Michael contributed "Ease On Down The Road" and "You Can't Win" for The Wiz Soundtrack. But what some of you don't know is he added his background vocals to such tracks as "Be A Lion" and "A Brand New Day"(a.k.a. Rejoice Everybody).
That's pretty much all he did during "The Jacksons Era".

Who's Right Who's Wrong-In 1979, Kenny Logins invited both Michael Jackson and Richard Page for back-ups on his upcoming album "Keep The Fire".

Save Me-A year later, Dave Mason thought it worthwhile to let Mr. Jackson duet on his 1980 album "Old Crest On The New Moon. Michael's vocals really show their true colors on this album track "Save Me".

I'm In Love Again-Out of respect for Minnie Riperton, Michael contributed his vocals to a song she recorded before her death. All part of her album "Love Lives Forever". As for her voice, here's what Mr. Jackson has to say. "Her vocals are amazing! I admire the way she does the impossible with her voice".

Night Time Lover-Written and produced by Michael Jackson. As a brother, Michael helped his sister Latoya with her solo album debut "Latoya Jackson". The rumor that Michael purposely changed the song to keep it from reaching #1 was started(and forced) by Latoya's husband around 1991.

All I Do-After contributing a song for "Off The Wall", Stevie Wonder calls on Michael to help in singing back-ups for his 1980 album "Hotter Then July".

This Had To Be-A song co-written by Michael Jackson for The Johnson Brothers. Mr. Jackson also contributed his background vocals. I don't know about you but I an sense a bit of Sunset Driver around the edges.

Stay tuned for more rare Michael Jackson collaborations for The Thriller era!

[Note: Part 3 is now available]

In the meantime, catch-up on what I've already covered during my previous review of Singer Michael Jackson's Collaborations.

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