Michael Jackson Remixes Pt. 3

 A number of DJ's were specifically chosen to garner Michael's smash hit "Jam" with their own unique spin during The Dangerous Sessions. Such Remixers included "Rodger Rene Sanchez"(also known as The S Man), Maurice Joshua, E-Smoove(aka Eric Miller), Steve Silk Hurley, Teddy Riley(who also co-produce the album), and finally two other DJ's dubbed as "More Than Enuff" & "Atlanta Techno". Some of these remixes did not make the final cut of either the single nor the maxi. Below is a list of all the official interpretations done on "Jam".

The Jam Mixes

Stay tuned for part 4 as we look into the "In The Closet Mixes"...**Update**"In The Closet Mixes" now up!

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