Michael Jackson Remixes Pt. 4

 Frankie Knuckles and Tommy Musto were called by Mr. Jackson to remix In The Closet. Together, they laid down about 14 mixes of the track.

 Unlike Tommy Musto, Frankie Knuckles continued to spud out his own versions to Michael's records right on through The History Era. In addition to this song, he inserted his own influence on "Rock With You"(particularly "Frankie Knuckles Radio Edit")", "Thriller", and "You Are Not Alone".
Below is a list of all fourteen takes these two House DJ's did for Michael Jackson's hit ""In The Closet"...

  • The Underground Mix

  • The Underground Dub

  • The Mission

  • The Mission Radio Edit

  • The Mix of Life

  • The Vow

  • The Promise

  • The Reprise

  • Club Mix

  • Club Edit

  • Touch Me Dub

  • KI's 12"

  • The Freestyle Mix

  • The Newark Mix

  • Next up we will delve right into Remember The Time-The remixes. Stay tuned!

    **Update** The Remember The Time Mixes are now up!

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