Michael Jackson Remixes Pt. 2

 Starting from the early 90's, Michael began deputizing his remixing endeavors to quite a handful of prominent DJ's-Whoever was prominent and in demand at the time.

 Some of the participating DJ's(aka "Mix-Masters") include "Maurice", "Brothers In Rhythm", "Rodger Sanchez", "Dallas Austin" "Paul Oakenfold", Track Masters", even well-known producers like Teddy Riley, R. Kelly, and Wil.I.Am.

 These and many other DJ's pretty much had free reign with their mixing and layering techniques(with only few exceptions). Styles ranged from Techno(Roger Sanchez), Hip-Hop(Wycliffe Gene), to Latino(Tee's In-House Club Mix). Even Soundscape(like Butterflies Track Masters Remix) and Classical R&B(like Frankie Knuckles).

The Dangerous Mixes

 Today, I'd like to start with the album Dangerous. An album of what call his turning point.

 No longer co-producing albums with Quincy, Michael hired then 23-year-old producer Teddy Riley to take his spot. Along with him came New Jack Swing. A then prominent sound along with Old School Rap and Dance Music.

 Partly over fears of rejecting a subniche, Michael hired multiple DJs to mix his tunes for a whole new audience. To start out our journey, we'll look at the mixes of Jam.
Stay tuned til next time, for there is a lot!

**Update**The Jam Mixes are now up!

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