Michael Jackson Remixes Pt. 1

 Ever since the 80's, it has become the norm for mainstream artists to include remixes to their official tracks(usually from a maxi, remix album, or single release). They might even add a stripped-down cut(either vocal or instrumental) to the track list. Obviously, it's no surprise that Michael Jackson would jump into this bandwagon.

 Indeed starting from around The "Bad" Era, Michael filled most of his singles with stocking stuffers. Below is an exhaustive list of these official remixes.

Michael Jackson Remixes

 At first, Michael executed the remixes himself with Quincy Jones and Bruce Sweden. But starting in the early 90's(a.k.a. "The Dangerous Era"), he commissioned famous DJ's(from various backgrounds) to experiment and come up with their own tastes to his songs.
Below is an exhaustive list of those tracks...

 Stay tuned for remixes from The Dangerous Era!

***Update***Part 2 is now Up!

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