Wednesday, April 07, 2010

New MJ Snippet Leaks-Relish Those 7 Seconds!

 On March 27th, two fellas(one an unknown studio secessionist) were in discussion about an unauthorized Michael Jackson outtake from The Invincible Sessions. The song is called "Can't Get Your Weight Off of Me" and is Co-produced by Rodney Jerkins back in the year 2000. For tales unknown, the track never made it on the final tracklist.

 Well to make a long story short, the album cut was offered to Mickyj007(a prominent insider on many Jackson discussion forums) for $4,500! He simply refused(with a price tag like that, I to would do the same). But as an incentive(and a bad one at that), the undisclosed insider gave him only 7 seconds to warm up to the track(it's no wonder he lost the sale. 7 seconds does not convince a soul)...And on top of that, the snippet appears to be in somewhat bad quality(I mean seriously. If your gonna sell somethin', then by all means be persuasive).

 Finally. Mickyj007 decided to upload the free sample for all to hear. Just 7 seconds to relish the not-so-perfect quality of "Can't Get Your Weight Off of Me". Enjoy(and by the way, the once thought instrumental to this song was actually taken from Brandy Norwood's "On Top of The World". In other-words, a fake)...

"you took my heart in your hand..."

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