Thursday, December 24, 2009

Beat It-Guitar Track Mix Take 6!

 While in the studio with Quincy Jones during The Thriller Sessions, Michael Jackson recorded a bunch of takes on each track intended to be on the set(i.e. "Billie Jean" a total of 91 mixes).
Tonight we will be focusing on one of those alternative takes-Specifically "Beat It".

Guitar Track Mix

 Although not fully completed, this mix featured a rift I was dieing to hear as the prominent tune! It just gives the song a whole new dimension and feel! I seriously thought the bridge was gonna break out on an "I Of The Tiger" rift(lol)!

 I with he left some his ab libs(you know, beat it!!! beat it!! beat it!) off. That's the only complaint I can find. Otherwise, enjoy the demo mix and Merry Christmas!!!

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