Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Beat It-Moby's Sub Mix

 Included in a maxi single around the early 90's was a few Thriller remixes by a couple of then renown DJ's. Tonight, we will be reviewing a Trance-Electric interpretation of Beat It-A Moby Sub Remix also included on the Zoolander Soundtrack(released Sep. 25th, 2001).

Moby's Sub Mix Review

 The intro starts off on that famous juicy-rift by Eddie Van Helen we've all come to love. Then takes off into a little bit of Trance and Electro with further bridges of Michael Jackson at his finest. As will most club mixes, Moby infuses a bit of repetitive vocal replays.

 The only problem(I could find) was overusing Mj's ab-libs a bit(he almost sounds like Daffy Duck getting in excitement). But I'll give him credit for keeping it down to a minimum.

 As you already know, I'm not much for club music. But Moby has done a fairly outstanding reinterpretation! I give him a B+!

The Zoolander Soundtrack

 I couldn't find an MP3 download of Beat It-Moby's Sub Mix(there are free downloads. However, your not guaranteed top notch quality).

 As was mentioned up-post, The Zoolander Soundtrack features this remix along with many of your favorites-Both past and present(up to 2001). There's even a few hits from the 80's! Most of the tunes you've heard in this comedy are neatly tucked away within this movie soundtrack!

 For your benefit, I've listened to the samples(of each song) and am confident you will enjoy this soundtrack as much as I did! If you order before 6:24 P.M EST, it will be delivered before Christmas Eve! Click HereClick here to order The Zoolander Soundtrack! to order a copy!

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