Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thriller 1982 Def Mix

 In the early 90's, David Morales teamed up with Frankie Knuckles in releasing a New Jack Swing remix of Michael Jackson's top signature hit "Thriller"! All part of The Pepsi Maxi Promo launched during The Dangerous Tour.
The single included an outtake during The Dangerous Sessions-"Someone Put Your Hand Out".

1982 Def Remix Review

 I found the introduction gave you the aura of a Funky graveyard-On a spiced-up exposition without robbing from the original mix. Indeed, most of the track has a hint of Techno, R&B, and Soul blended with distinct playbacks from the one we love(most notably the bridge)!

 However, I was a bit disappointed towards the final part. As I was expecting a grand ending to close-off such a wonderful reinterpretation to a Halloween classic!
But overall, I give these two DJ's a 4 out of 5!

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